Creative locales in Yongqing Fang worth visiting


Enning Road (恩宁路), once the economic core area of Liwan District, carries the precious memories of many Guangzhouers. After 1950s, the Road has experienced a huge recession and lost its prosperity. Lucky enough, the main street is redeveloped as a cultural street and becomes the landmark of Guangzhou again currently. 

After the renovation, you can now find a creative neighborhood composed of several unique alleys — Yongqing Fang (永庆坊), which originates from the old Yongqing Street, No. 99 of Enning Road. If you slowly dig into the lanes, you will find some creative locales that will render you a "time-traversing" experience. 

1. She inn

1. She inn.jpg 

It is probably the most ideal place for you to have a chat with your besties. A fully transparent glass house with a balloon wall of color champagne and a ball pit of Tiffany blue, isn't it a dreamlike place? Beside the ball pit are a line of cute tents, in which you can grab a cup of coffee, have some snacks and share the happy moments with your friends. 

2. Time Postoffice (岁月邮局)

2. Time Postoffice (岁月邮局).jpg

In the era when smart phones prevail, most of us have not picked up pens to write letters for a long time. The items in the Time Postoffice, however, may evoke your desire to write a letter gain. A red mailbox, a telephone booth, varied certificates of merit and an old bicycle of the 1970s are all reminders of the old times. 

3. Meet Again Coffee (又见咖啡)

Meet Again Coffee又见咖啡.jpg

Just imagine yourselves drinking a cup of coffee on a quaint wooden chair in a small garden with a fish pond and green plants on it, isn’t it a totally different experience? In addition to drinking coffee, you can also DIY some interesting handicrafts and decorations here.   

4. Former residence of Bruce Lee (李小龙故居)

Former residence of Bruce Lee 李小龙故居.jpg

Situated at No.13, Lane 1 of Yong Qing Fang, the former residence of Bruce Lee is open to the public for free.

Former residence of Bruce Lee 李小龙故居1.jpg

Here, you can find Lee's holographs and records of practicing martial arts. The posters and magazines of Lee's serial movies, his memorial bronze statue and family stories will give you a full picture of how Lee was shaped into the man he became.

5. Cantonese Opera Museum(粤剧艺术博物馆)

Cantonese Opera Museum(粤剧艺术博物馆)_副本.jpg

Wandering to the end of Yong Qing Fang, you will see a building that looks like a palace — the Cantonese Opera Museum. It's a landscape-style museum featuring Lingnan architecture style and water township characteristics.

It took more than three years to construct this 20,000-square meter structure. In 2016, it won the most honorable award of the construction industry in China — the Luban Award for Chinese Architectural Engineering.

The collections inside are abundant as well, including varied costumes and a 1907 map of Guangzhou. What's more, you can appreciate classic Cantonese operas sung in different tones here.  

Source: WECHAT(SilkRoadPost)



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