Zhanjiang aspires to be recognized as a National Civilized City

Zhanjiang was nominated as a candidate for the 2018-20 National Civilized Cities along with its county-level city, Lianjiang, according to a list published on the Civilization Office of the Central Communist Party Committee's official website.

National Civilized City is the highest domestic honor for urban civilization construction. It is awarded in recognition of cities which have developed in an all-rounded manner. Apart from fostering economic growth, the city must have also promoted moral values and a harmonious social atmosphere.


Volunteers from Zhanjiang No 28 High School celebrate the Double Ninth Festival with the elderly. [Photo/gdzjdaily.com.cn]

The selection procedures, which have been conducted every three years since 2005, include presentations, material reviews, online investigations, field trips and overall observations.

A total score of 100 will be given across seven basic indicators, including political, legislative, market, cultural, living and ecological environments plus concrete measures. Another 20 points will be graded based on four indicators in relation to a city's characteristics and cityscape.

Over the past year, Zhanjiang has attached great importance to spiritual civilization. A volunteer federation was established to integrate resources and make volunteer services a normality. Name lists in terms of integrity and benevolence were put up in communities, schools, companies and government organizations.

In accordance with national standards, Zhanjiang will continue to push forward in creating a civilized city in 2018 to clinch the title as soon as possible.


Students of Zhanjiang No 8 Primary School sign their name and pledge to cross the road in accordance with traffic regulations. [Photo/gdzjdaily.com.cn]




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