Overseas tourist tax refund expands to Chongqing

Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality will start refunding tax to overseas tourists from March 1, according to the Ministry of Finance.

Overseas tourists can obtain VAT rebates at certain ports of departure on purchases from specific shops.

Overseas tourists who stay on the Chinese mainland for fewer than 183 days can claim back up to 11 percent on goods bought at designated department stores.

The minimum purchase for the rebate is 500 yuan (79 U.S. dollars) at one store in one day. The refund is valid when the purchase is made within 90 days before departure.

Several cities and provinces, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, are included in the program.

Chongqing is famous for hotpot and other "numbing" spicy dishes. The city received 540 million tourists in 2017.




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