More toilets for women set up at Guangzhou South Railway Station

Guangzhou South Railway Station has set up two more toilets for women recently in order to save female passengers’ time when queuing for toilets. They are respectively located at the 302A and 302B areas of the third-floor waiting room in the station.

Guangzhou South is one of the busiest railway stations in China, especially during Spring Festival. “It always takes us women a long time to wait for a bathroom”, said a passenger surnamed Shu.

Toilets are equipped with hooks, hand dryers and blowers for more convenience. An LCD screen showing the weather forecast will be placed on the washstand.

“More toilets can save us from many awkward situations”, said Shu.

More conveniences in Guangzhou South Railway Station

To ensure safety and improve travel experiences, the Guangzhou South Railway Station has introduced a series of new facilities and services for its passengers.

Self-service ticket checking with facial recognition technology

Travelers can now have their tickets (with the QR code page on top) and ID cards automatically scanned and cross-checked in just a few seconds.

Facial recognition security system

The Guangzhou South Railway Station now covers all major entries and exits, as well as the parking lots, with the very latest in high-tech electronic surveillance. It can even detect temperature changes and sound alarms.

In the case of a lost child, parents only need to alert the system and the cameras will let them know as soon as their youngster appears. This also works for locating lawbreakers, such as those who flout the non-smoking regulations.

Indoor navigation system

Follow the WeChat account "gh_23db0e500f1e" or "智慧广州南站", turn on the blue tooth function of your smartphone, and click the menu "南站导航" on the WeChat account. From here it is possible to enter a virtual version of the Guangzhou South Railway Station.

This system can pinpoint a passenger's current location and offer the most efficient routes to anywhere within the station. With this system, anybody can find a parking space, locate the bathrooms or find their friends, as long as they have a smartphone and a WeChat account.

Car sharing program

The P1 parking lot of the Guangzhou South Railway Station has been reserved for 40 online taxis and 80 shared cars, in response to the station's "train + car sharing" initiative. Arrivals at the station are able to book a taxi on their smartphones, or take a two-minute walk from the east entrance to the parking lot, scan an QR code and leave in a shared car right away.

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