New year is coming, what postcards will your frog send to you from Guangdong?

In the recent few weeks, the mobile game "Traveling Frog" was shared widely in WeChat moment. Players feed a frog in their mobile phone. They harvest clover as currency to buy props and make a backpack for the frog to send it off for new journeys. Meanwhile, the frog will send postcards back and bring back souvenirs.

The postcards show where the frog visited. Today, the frog brought back a souvenir, a pancake with Canton Tower pattern on it. The frog now is in Guangdong to spend the new year. 


Let’s see what postcard he brought?

Shrimp dumplings


Shrimp dumplings, or har gow in Cantonese, have a thin and translucent wrapping made of wheat starch, tapioca starch, oil and a small amount of salt, added with boiling water. Traditionally, the wrapping should have at least seven and preferably ten or more pleats and is sticky and chewy. 

Chang fen: almost accompany Cantonese from childhood


Chang fen (肠粉), a thin steamed rice noodle roll, stuffed with vegetables, shrimp, beef, char siu (sweet roasted pork) or other ingredients. Seasoned with sweet soy sauce. It is said that Chang fen is originated from Xiguan, Guangzhou. Though there are many kinds of Chang fen in Guangdong, the most popular one is the traditional Chang fen in Guangzhou due to its fewer but better stuffing.

Beef ball


Beef ball is one of the most famous snacks from Chaoshan area with a history of nearly 100 years. It was also awarded as one of the Chinese Famous Snacks. There are two kinds of beef ball, one made from beef meat only and the other made from both meat and tendon. The beef ball tastes tender and delicate while beef ball with tendon is more elastic. People often eat beef balls with some glutamate, sesame oil, ground pepper, sliced celery and chili paste.

The Sesame Chicken


The Sesame Chicken is a famous dish in West Guangdong. With the crisp tender meat, together with tailor-made condiment, it tastes smooth but not greasy. Thumbs up! As people believe “A chicken is a must in a feast”, parents will prepare chicken when holding family banquets. And the Sesame Chicken is the best in menus.  

Steamed pork dumplings


Wheat flour is used to make the dumpling wrapper, which is thin, half-transparent and looks like a flower. Its fillings include minced pork, beef and shrimp, mixed with the shreds of water chestnuts or bamboo shoots, ginger juice and wine. The dumplings are steamed in a bamboo steamer. The dumplings may go with vinegar and garlic slices.

Usually, your frog will stuff itself in Guangdong, and will come back later. If your frog stay in Guangdong too long, you should worry whether it will go back home.

(By Xiaowen)



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