Enjoy a variety of activities in Guangdong during Spring Festival


Spring Festival is right around the corner. Guangdong has prepared a variety of grand celebration activities for both local people and visitors. Wondering what funs you can have in Guangdong during the Spring Festival? This article might help.

Visit flower markets

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Guangdong’s flower market is well-known everywhere. During the Spring Festival, you can visit glorious flower markets in most cities around Guangdong.

Link: Guide to 2018 Spring Festival celebrations in Guangzhou

From Feb. 10th to Mar. 2nd, a whole host of Spring Festival celebrations will be going on around Guangzhou, including flower markets, Spring Festival parade, light shows, lantern shows, garden expos and a temple fair. 

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A total of about 60 events will be launched in Foshan, including visiting flower markets, buying Spring Festival goodies, Ancestral Temple worship, dragon and lion dances, crossing Tongji Bridge, etc. 

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What’s more, flowers will be blooming all over the mountains and plains of Guangdong around the Spring Festival. You can encounter cheery blossoms in Zhongshan and Shaoguan, peach blossoms in Shantou and Zhaoqing, and various flowers at the Chencun Flower World in Foshan and Sunflower Garden in Guangzhou.

Appreciate folk activities

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Guangdong’s folk culture is unique due to its long history. The essences of traditional Chinese culture are still embraced in Cantonese, Chaoshan, and Hakka cultures. Though their ways of spending the Spring Festival vary, but the joy is the same.

Link: Guangdong’s culture & tradition

In February, there are lots of great folklore performances ongoing in Guangdong. For example, Lingnan lion dance at Baomo Garden in Guangzhou, Changzhou Drunk Dragon Dance at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Zhongshan, Piaose performances in Zhanjiang, puppet shows in Maoming’s Gaozhou, Fire Dragon Dance in Shaoguan, and so on.

Link: Baomo Garden

What’s more, folk activities of Northeast China will be held at Danxia Mountain in Shaoguan, presenting ice engravings, skiing and delicious food from the Northeast China.

Link: Danxia Mountain Scenic Area

Enjoy Cantonese delicacies

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Cantonese cuisine ranks first in the ‘Eight Cuisines’ of China, and contains Guangfu cuisine, Chaoshan cuisine, Hakka cuisine and more. 

Link: Cantonese Cuisine

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During the Spring Festival, Cantonese people like to mix a variety of meat, seafood and mushrooms in a large ‘basin’ and call it poon choi. The dish now can be conveniently bought from hotels, restaurants and their online shops. 

This year, Foshan Nanguo Peach Garden will launch a poon choi feast for over a thousand people, with 170 tables in total surrounded by the peach blossoms. 

Visit South China Historical Trail

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During the Spring Festival, you can enjoy Guzheng performances and savor green plums with friends at the Ancient Meiguan Path in Shaoguan. You can also take part in the ancestor worshiping, viewing folklore performances such as lion dance, Piaose, and Tea-leaf Picking Opera at the Ancient Zhuji Lane in Shaoguan.

Link: Ancient Zhuji Lane Ancient Meiguan Path

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During the Spring Festival, a garden party will energize Nanhai God Temple with flash mod games like glance memorizing and wit competition. Calligraphers will write auspicious character 福 (pronounced fú and meaning ‘blessing') at the party and give them to tourists. 

Link: Nanhai God Temple

Have fun at amusement parks

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Guangdong boasts one of the most popular theme parks in China, that is Chimelong Tourist Resort, and there are many other amusement parks where you can have a lot of fun, including Overseas Chinese Town East (OCT·East), Chuanlord Holiday Manor, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, and more. 

Link: Theme Parks in Guangdong

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From Feb. 16, Zhuhai Chimelong will hold a Spring Festival activity, in which parents and their children can read penguins’ diary, appreciate firework and light shows, and participate in night light cruise.

Feast your eyes upon light shows

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The urban sceneries in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai are extremely attractive, especially during the Spring Festival. At night, all kinds of light shows spoil the cities with unique styles.

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During the Spring Festival, there will be wonderful light shows, laser light shows, and new year count-down firework shows in the following venues, including both banks of the Pearl River, the river-crossing bridges and Huacheng Square in Guangzhou, Happy Valley and Rose Coast in Shenzhen, Shanling Mountain Forest Park in Zhanjiang, the Coast of Romance in Maoming, etc.

Share the blessings at a temple fair

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Temples are must-visit spots in Guangdong. Nanhua Temple in Shaoguan, Guangxiao Temple in Guangzhou, Qingyun Temple in Zhaoqing, Kaiyuan Temple in Chaozhou, Yunmen Temple in Ruyuan, Guo’en Temple in Xinxing and Yuecheng Longmu Temple in Zhaoqing will hold Spring Festival praying activities, giving opportunities to tourists to pray for a healthy and peaceful year.

Relax yourself with hot spring bath

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Guangdong has abundant precious geothermal resources and hot springs are everywhere, including the old brand Conghua Hot Spring in Guangzhou, Nankun Mountain Forest Spring in Huizhou, TCM hot springs at Bavarian Manor in Heyuan, ocean hot springs in Zhuhai Ocean Spring Resort, sulfurous springs in Yunfu, Buddhist hot springs in Shaoguan and numerous other springs. 

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Since the Spring Festival is around the corner, these spring resorts are ready to welcome all the guests from all around the world.

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Are you excited about all these fascinating activities? You are sincerely invited to spend your Spring Festival in this wonderful province!

(By Monica, Gao Yuan)



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