Love Is in the Air | Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou presents Valentine’s offer

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What is the most thoughtful way to impress the beloved ones? A bouquet of roses or quality chocolates are nice gifts. A bit more, indeed, should be anticipated to whet lover’s appetites and passion. Spend intimate time with your beloved one, savoring delicacies in an atmosphere of romance at one of the distinctive restaurants or bsar at Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou.

The precious moments of lovers deserve the most flavorful dishes using only the finest ingredients. Executive Chef Mr. Scott Henderson from the United Kingdom and the culinary team has created a Valentine’s Day Set Dinner menu with the British perception of romance for the occasion. 

Unveil a romantic night with beloved one with the 6-course dinner in the cheerful and inspiring restaurant with soothing lightings. The menu features Rossini Fillet, a luxury combination of steak, foie gras and truffle. The tender Rossini tournedos is garnished with a silver of foie gras and slices of truffle. Republica Del Cacao Heart unfolds the chef’s insight into the magic of love – beneath the solid chocolate shell is the soft, delicate heart. Together with Artic Halibut and Caviar, the authentic European-style romance just a fork away. 

The chefs at S.E.Asia Kitchen & Bar know well how to pair culinary delights with the passionate feeling of love-struck people. The whole restaurant is finished by timber with cute bamboo lamps as interior decoration, complemented with warm lights. In the lively vibe, savour the Valentine’s Day Set Dinner menu in hearty portion to treat your taste buds. Shuck an oyster to kick off the night. The flavor of fresh oyster reaches its prime with the refreshing glow of Thai coriander and citronella salsa Sauce. Taste the platter comprising popular street food like chicken satay, beef satay and others presented in an elegant way. The platter is in hearty portion for lovers to share. While a hot cup of seafood Tom Yun Koong will expel the cold of the winter night. 

One of the main course, Rendang Beef is cooked slowly, simmered in the rich spice paste and coconut, until meltingly tender with complex flavors. This is just like the process of building a relationship, which takes time and patience. As a finale to the dinner, Pandan Cake with Coconut Crunch and Durian Sphere brings refreshing enjoyment to eyes and taste buds.

Lobby Lounge VD afternoon tea.jpg

On the Valentine’s Day, lovers of any taste are never short of culinary enjoyment. Elegant Chinese restaurant is also an ideal place to harvest romantic dining experience. Chinese Executive Chef Mr. Chan Kwok Hung from Hong Kong and his local culinary team matches prime ingredients with innovative culinary methods by a 6-course set. Braised Rice with abalone well illustrates how abalone sauce embrace rice stir fried with dried shrimp and pickles in a creative way. 

For lovers seeking quality intimate time, elegant and tranquil Japanese restaurant Nadaman offers a delightful answer! Resident chefs from Japan, Mr. Katsuhiro Terada and Mr. Satoshi Watanabe present delightful delicacies to bring a sweet and warm night away from urban hustle. Stay assured to have the face of your partner, even with captious appetite, lit up in Wok TOO Café. The 10 live food theatre stations offer global delicacies including unlimited seafood, desserts, ice cream.

Indeed, Valentine celebration should not be confined to a romantic dinner. Afternoon tea is also a smart choice. Indulge in a laid-back afternoon with a chocolate afternoon tea at Lobby Lounge boasting gorgeous garden view. Taste delicate home-made pastries in a three-tier stand presented by Executive Pastry Chef Mr. Roberto Hernandez from the United States. The rich flavor of chocolate from the renowned Latin American brand Republica del Cacao is an intrinsic symbol of passionate love.

In addition, lovers are invited to mix a glass of Salty Dog Cocktail as a special gift for their beloved one. A surprise gift is awaiting for diners who share photos of their romantic dining and mark the restaurant location to WeChat moments.

The abovementioned menus are subject to 10% service charge and value-added tax. For enquiry or reservation, please call (86 20) 8917 6498 or email

RIBS VD Set Dinner


Steamed Custard, Brioche, Vodka Cream


Boston Lobster 

Ceviche, Mango Salad, Rice Cracker 

RIBS VD set egg_副本.jpg


Double Boiled Oxtail Soup

Apple Smoked, Chanterelle Mushrooms


Silver Cod

Organic Pumpkin and Vanilla, Brussel Sprouts and Lemon

RIBS VD set beef_副本.jpg


Fillet Rossini

Wagyu Tenderloin, Seared Foie Gras, Rosti Potato, Truffle Sauce


Republica Del Cacao Heart

Melting Chocolate Heart, Vanilla Yogurt Mousse, Marshmallow

S.E.A Valentine’s Menu 14th February 2018 

(Indulge your inner love by sharing with your love one)

Freshly Shuck Oyster with Thai Coriander & Citronella Salsa



Combination Platter of Chicken Satay, Beef Satay, Shrimp Cake & Acar Salad


Choice of Soup (Select 1) 

Seafood “Tom Yum Goong”

Singapore Oxtail Soup

SEA VD set dessert_副本.jpg


Choice of Main Course (Select 2)

Malaysia Beef Rendang 

Nyonya Style Chicken Curry

Wok-fried Tiger Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce

Seafood Char Kuay Teow

Turbot Steamed with Citronella and Galanga Lime Sauce

SEA VD set oyster.jpg


Choice of Vegetables (Select 1) 

Stir-fried Chinese Water Spinach with Garlic

Wok-fried Okra with Sambal Sauce


Dessert (Select 1) 

Pandan Layer Cake with Coconut Crunch & Durian Sphere

Coconut Ice Cream with Coconut Meat, Corn & Fresh Coconut Juice Shooters



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