2017 in Guangzhou: a year through the lens

A local photographer Chen Chong was recording the city throughout 2017. Through his camera, we can see the beautiful city changing as time goes by. These photos have gone viral on the Internet. Here are some of our favourites:

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Shangxiajiu Pedestrian street on New Year’s Day. At the very beginning of 2017, people poured into the older parts of the city to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

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Flower fairs are one of the most typical Spring Festival celebrations in Guangdong. Fragrant and colorful flowers made the city magnificent. 

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Liwan flower fair.


The end of winter left Guangzhou with a deep blue sky and fresh air. Look down at downtown Guangzhou and you are struck by the orderly flow of cars through cloverleaf junctions.

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March brings Spring to Guangzhou. The season gives belongs to the kapok trees and sweeps  away the dead leaves of ficus virens.

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Zhenhai Lou in Yuexiu Park

It’s a tradition for Cantonese people to plant kapok trees. The city turns into a sea of blooming kapok flowers every March. Traditional buildings surrounded by those red flowers have quite a timeless charm.

WeChat Image_20180201153901.jpg

Sun Yet-sen Memorial Hall

The rains of March brings leaf fall and presents an autumnal scene.

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‘Yuexiu Belltower’ a beautiful early 20th century building that was once home to the great Chinese writer, Lu Xun. 

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South China Normal University


The sun finally returned at the end of April. 

WeChat Image_20180201154654.jpg

Sunrise and sunset in front of Tianhe Sports Centre and Citic Plaza.


Weather changes a lot during this, the turning point between spring and summer. Heavy rains swept across scorching hot earth. Water vapour rose and formed into clouds, leading to the kind of  remarkable scene below. 

WeChat Image_20180201154818.jpg

WeChat Image_20180201154825.jpg

Skyscrapers penetrate clouds in Zhujiang New Town.

WeChat Image_20180201181554.jpg

Boisterous dragon boat race during Dragon Boat Festival draw an end to May. 

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Sounds of drums and cheers from the crowd rumble along the river.


Month of June has the most hours of daylight, which makes it the best time for exploring and for landscape photography. 

WeChat Image_20180201181743.jpg

Sunrise at 5:30. 

WeChat Image_20180201181912.jpg

Sky is clear before typhoon. Three Towers (Canton Tower, West Tower and East Tower) are all visible from Lijiao .


Good weather continues. Search for the best view points in the city and then wait for the best shot.

WeChat Image_20180201182153.jpg


WeChat Image_20180201182303.jpg

A less known side of Guangzhon captured by high-speed sync at night.

WeChat Image_20180201184819.jpgNansha Port


WeChat Image_20180201182321.jpg

Weather is still hot in September. 


Days shorten upon the arrival of autumn.

WeChat Image_20180201182413.jpg

Guangzhou International Lighting Festival kicked off in late October. Dazzling performance recorded at Huacheng Square.


WeChat Image_20180201182459.jpg

Viewing sparkling Skyscrapers from street corners.


WeChat Image_20180201182545.jpg

Most important event in town this month was definitely the Fortune Global Forum. Tramcar of Fortune Global.

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Roman Catholic cathedral in Christmas Eve

2018 is here. What do you hope to see and capture?



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