Zhanjiang to launch two light rail lines

With a total investment of 21 billion yuan ($3.3 billion), Zhanjiang is expected to have two light rail lines by 2025, according to a public notice released by the Zhanjiang Urban Planning Bureau on Jan 15.

The Light Rail Line 1 is scheduled to get under construction at the beginning of 2020 and come into service by the end of 2024. Starting from the Zhanjiang West Rail Station, it will extend 23.13 kilometers south to meet with the Yuandian Square.

Taking the shape of the letter "L", the Light Rail Line 1 will become an important artery of the public transport network as it will run through the Xicheng New Area and the districts of Mazhang, Chikan, Xiashan.


Zhanjiang will have two light rail lines by 2025 at a cost of 21 billion yuan ($3.3 billion). [Photo/Zhanjiang Urban Planning Bureau]

The first phase of the east-west Rail Line 2 will start from the Zhanjiang Center Station and proceed 17 kilometers along the Huguang Expressway, Leshan, Longping, Longchao and Boxi roads to reach the Suguangwei Station.

According to Chen Pengfei, a member of the Zhanjiang Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the construction of two light rail lines is a fundamental way out to ease rush hour traffic congestion in urban areas.

Light rail not only can cut the time on the road, but will shorten the distance between customers and businesses along the route. New economic circles centered on the rail line could emerge as key drivers of the regional development, said Chen Gonghuang, associate professor of Guangdong Ocean University.




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