Downtown-Pingsha bus route extended for terminal

The new Zhuhai Port Bus Terminal east of Gaolan Port Railway Station and south of the Zhuhai Railway Building has come into service.

Buses 541, 605, 812, and K8 run between downtown Zhuhai and Pingsha Town in Doumen District. Although they used to start and end at the “Zhuhai Port” roadside, the routes now begin and terminate on the new site. Those who used to catch the buses at "Zhuhai Port" need to walk a short way to the east side of the Gaolan Port Building (former Zhuhai Port Terminal).

Given the new and varied operating conditions and locations, Buses 715, K30 and Z147 still depart from the west side of the Gaolan Port Building but will no longer wait there, departing as soon as all fares at the stop have boarded.


Zhuhai bus [Photo courtesy Zhuhai Daily]




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