Where to go skating and skiing in and near Guangzhou

Winter is warm in Guangzhou, but it doesn't mean you can't have fun with snow and ice like people in the north have. Here we recommend some of the skiing and skating venues in or near the city to make up for most of the snow fun lost in the subtropical area.

Glacier Bay Skating Rink 

In operation for over 10 years, Glacier Bay Skating Rink is the most frequented rink in Guangzhou. Put on a pair of skates provided at the rink and start skating amid artificial snowflakes and the mood-lifting lights and acoustic effects.

Glacier Bay Skating Rink.jpg

Novices are often told to pluck up and learn from trials and tumbles instead of holding to the handrail around the rink and struggling to make a step. Everyone knows they will make mistakes in the process of learning, but still, it takes courage to get into the rink and start learning and tumbling. But, don't worry, one of the coaches there will pull you up when you stumble.

Note: Better take someone who knows skating to hold your hand and teach you. Avoid public holidays because it could be crowded there. There will be quite a few spectators outside the rink.

Tickets: 80 yuan per person for two hours; 138 yuan for two persons for two hours (it will be cheaper if you purchase on a third-party consumer website like dianping.com)

Address: 5/F, Grandview Mall, Tiyu Donglu体育东路正佳广场5楼中庭(近体育中心)

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday: 10 a.m.-10 p.m.; Friday and Saturday: 10 a.m.-10:30 p.m.

Yuemei Ice and Snow World 

Imitating the heavy snow in Northeast China, this ice world brings visitors an eyeful of swirling snowflakes blanketing roads, stairways and covering cabins and trees. A bunch of snow fun activities, like making snowmen, throwing snowballs and skating, are offered under the temperature of minus 1-10 degrees Celsius. Visitors may also admire the ice sculptures as if they are in a Harbin snow world.

Yuemei Ice and Snow World_副本.jpg

Note: Down jacket, snow boots, hot ginger soup and Wi-Fi are provided, but remember to wear water-proof mittens and warm clothes. No toilets in the ice world.

Tickets: 80 yuan per adult; 50 yuan per child; but it would be at least 10 yuan cheaper if you purchase on tourism websites like ctrip.com

Address: (Near the South Gate of Dafushan Forest Park) 1 Erlu, No. 1 Industrial Zone, Hengjiang village, Shatou Jie, Panyu district 番禺区沙头街横江村第一工业区二路1号之2(禺山西路景观大道路口与大夫山森林公园南门口交界处)

Opening hours: 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Fly On Ice 

The skating rink here is more spacious than the one at Glacier Bay, offering enough room for novices to practice their skills. The nice staff will teach beginners how to steer skates and equip them with mock penguins with handles that can support them while guiding the way. There's also mist in the rink which makes you feel like soaring among the clouds.

Fly On Ice.jpg

Tickets: 80 yuan (or 68 in group purchases) per person for 3.5 hours; helmets and ice skates provided.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 12:30-9 p.m.; weekends and public holidays: 10 a.m.-9 p.m.

Address: 2/F, GTLAND Mall, 12 Aoti Nanlu, Tianhe district 奥体南路高德汇2楼(汉烤客楼上)

Wanda Indoor Ski Field (not yet open)

Wanda Indoor Ski Field (not yet open)_副本.jpg

As a world-level ski field expected to rival Ski Dubai, the biggest of its kind so far in the world, the Wanda resort covers an area of 70,000 square meters and equals the size of 10 football fields of international standard. The resort boasts multiple ski runs designed for skiers of different levels, a 30,000-square-meter amusement area and about 30 amusement activities. When it is completed in 2019, visitors can expect to see snow and have non-stop snow fun in sunny days of the south.

Location: Huadu district

Champion Rink 

Located in Foshan, a short drive from Guangzhou, the rink has a skating surface of 1,000 square meters and a coach team of international skating competition winners. Various training classes are offered to skating enthusiasts and athletes of all levels. There are regular ice hockey competitions and hockey trainings for children here, whose skills overshadow many of the adult skaters. A child who excels in skating may also guide you to fly across the ice.

Champion Rink_副本.jpg

Address: 3/F, Poly Canal Plaza, 20 Denghu Donglu, Guicheng, Foshan桂城灯湖东路20号保利水城购物中心3层

Ticket: 75 yuan

Opening hours: 10 a.m.-10 p.m.

Alps Station in Window of the World 

Covering an area of 6,100 square meters, this ice world is divided into three areas — skating rink, snow amusement park and ice sculpture park. Many visitors say the experience of rushing down the 12-meter-high and 118-meter-long snow slope is exhilarating and unforgettable.

Alps Station in Window of the World.jpg

Address: Window of the World, 9037 Shennan Dadao, Nanshan district, Shenzhen 广东省深圳市南山区深南大道9037号 (世界之窗欧陆风情街)

Tickets: 80 yuan per person for all three areas; 60 yuan per person for skating only

Opening hours: 10 a.m.-9 p.m. (every day); holidays: 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m. and 4-9 p.m.

Source: Life of Guangzhou



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