Shenzhen Bao’an reveals 2017 top 10 publicity and cultural events


Violinists play in a flash mob event in Bao’an. Li Lizhi

The year of 2017 witnessed a series of major cultural events hosted in Bao’an District. These events were either centered on important political themes, such as core socialist values and the Chinese Dream, or carried Bao’an’s distinctive cultural features. Among all the events, the following are the highlights.

Diverse forms for promoting congress spirit

After the 19th CPC National Congress, Bao’an District hosted various activities for disseminating the spirit of the new era. The Bao’an government rallied 46 hosts to organize over 90 educational events at key grassroots-level sites across the district. The media center of Bao’an District organized hundreds of editions of special events themed on studying the report of the 19th National Congress of the CPC under the leadership of Yao Ren, Party chief of Bao’an District.

In addition, the district’s Cultural, Sports and Tourism Bureau invited the public to celebrate the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC through lighthearted activities such as dances and a flash mob. The media outlets in the district opened 15 special columns under the theme “New Era, New Bao’an” and covered 782 related reports.

Cultural awards

On Sept. 27, 2017, “The Love Song for Our Motherland,” one of the 13 songs about core socialist values, was shortlisted in the music category of the 14th Spiritual Civilization Construction Awards. “The Love Song for Our Motherland” won applause for its positive theme, beautiful melody and simple lyrics.

A radio show produced by the district radio station won a provincial-level Five-Top Projects Award.

Efforts in improving the environment

Shenzhen was awarded the title of a “National Civilized City” for a fifth consecutive time last year. The honor was made possible through all the districts’ efforts, including Bao’an.

Faced with an arduous task, Bao’an gave its streets a facelift by cleaning up 102 vegetable markets, 232 garbage transfer stations and 465 urban villages. Thanks to these efforts, the district’s environment and transportation systems improved significantly.

Grassroots interactions

In the early spring of 2017, the Publicity Department of Bao’an District Committee of the CPC organized a large-scale intensive interview campaign, inviting 15 correspondents from news outlets of provincial, city and district levels to interview and interact with members of subdistrict governmental departments. The media delegation covered the distinctive features, highlights and achievements of the grassroots-level units, through which Bao’an’s changing look and prospects for development were showcased.

In early 2017, Bao’an District initiated the nation’s first district-level new media index summit, aiming to interpret the district’s data related to people’s livelihoods, productivity and city ecology via the Internet.

The district rewarded 11 new media platforms related to government affairs. Additionally, 57 Party and government departments have created their own accounts on new media platforms.

Greater Bay Area Folk Art Exhibition

On May 12, 2017, Bao’an District held the first Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Folk Art Exhibition which featured the most distinctive folk art works from the 11 cities in the Greater Bay Area and from other cities in the country including Baoji, Jingdezhen and Yixing. The event received great support from the government and attracted renowned folk artists including national-level art and handicrafts masters.


Young players greet people at the 2017 Bao’an Accordion Festival which saw 2,260 accordion players playing together. Sun Yuchen

Bao’an Accordion Festival

The 2017 Bao’an Accordion Festival, which featured 2,260 accordion players at the Xixiang Sports Center, set a new Guinness World Record. Forty or so professional players, educators, experts and contestants from 18 countries and regions participated in the festival.

Free access to sports facilities

In the past year, Bao’an District began offering residents free access to sports facilities and physical examinations. All tennis courts, badminton courts and some areas of gymnasiums became open to the public for free and were reportedly used by a total of 8.36 million residents. Bao’an Stadium opened over 40 free sports training courses to the public with 12,775 people benefitting from them. Bao’an District also offered residents free physical examination services, which 12,864 people took advantage of.

Top 10 Popular Scenic Spots selected

After six months of voting and selection online and offline, the Top 10 Popular Scenic Spots in Bao’an District were announced in November 2017. The titles go to Fenghuang Lansheng Scenic Spot, F518 Idea Land, Bao’an Central Area, Amber Town, Wetlands Resort, Xiwan Mangrove Park, Shenzhen (Bao’an) Migrant Workers Museum, Lixin Lake, First CPC Congress of Bao’an County Site and Yangtai Mountain.


Over 590 athletes compete in the Guangdong Dragon Boat Tournament on July 3, 2017. File photo

GD Dragon Boat Tournament

On July 3, 2017, more than 590 dragon boat racing athletes and coaches from 23 top teams from across Guangdong Province gathered at the Wuzhiba Reservoir, Songgang Subdistrict, to compete in the Guangdong Dragon Boat Tournament. The two-day tournament proved to be an unforgettable event celebrating the spirit of sports and splendid folk culture.(Yang Mei)

(Shenzhen Daily)



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