New park provides leisure choice for public in Shenzhen


The main entrance of the recently opened Dazhongshan Park in Xinqiao Subdistrict. SD-Agencies

The new Dazhongshan Park, which is one of the 10 major quality projects in Xinqiao Subdistrict, has been officially opened to the public, offering a good choice for citizens’ leisure.

The park is located in the southern area of Xinqiao Subdistrict and near the city’s main roads, such as Chuangcheng Road. Surrounded by many residential estates and industrial areas inhabited by nearly 100,000 residents, it provides a new hangout for recreational activities.

Before renovation, the park had been left uncultivated for years, which not only occupied a lot of green space but also affected the city’s urban landscape. In addition, the land was quite open and filled with dense undergrowth. Some hills had comparatively steep slopes and the soil was exposed and loose, which posed a high risk for a landslide.

Last year, the renovation was included into the 10 major quality projects of Xinqiao Subdistrict and initiated construction in March. The park is not only equipped with a management office, tourist service center, landscape pavilion and corridor, but also quality public health infrastructure, including guardrails, alarm equipment, fitness facilities, a football field and garbage transfer station.

The park has also had its layout adjusted to that of a Sponge City and has ecological structures with high standards, which will help manage filthy rivers and rainwater pollution.(Zhang Yu)

(Shenzhen Daily)



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