GANÈA kitchen fairy tales officially opens in Pazhou area


Last week, six months after designers from Europe broke ground, GANÈA Kitchen Fairy Tales officially opened its doors in Guangzhou’s Pazhou area. 

The new establishment is headed by a dedicated team of restaurateurs and winemakers from the European nation of Moldova, who aim to pour a fresh kick of life into Guangzhou’s F&B scene. 

Politicians and diplomats, as well as well-known local media personalities, attended GANÈA Kitchen Fairy Tales’ opening night celebrations. 


Guests were presented with light, tapas-style snacks, as well as English roast beef made from Australian premium, grain-fed black angus beef. The meaty offerings were prepared live for attendees in the restaurant’s open kitchen.

Special attention has been given to the wines offered in the eatery, as the founders of GANÈA Kitchen Fairy Tales are also esteemed wine makers. Three varieties of Land of Basarabia wine, one of Moldova’s best brands, were available for tasting, including: Plesso, Virginette and Blend. 

“The restaurant is focused on meat and wine lovers,” said the restaurant’s GM. “The open kitchen allows guests to watch the whole process of cooking, as well as to open the curtain on small secrets used by our team of chefs.”


GANÈA Kitchen Fairy Tales is equipped with modern, top-quality cooking equipment that allows for experimentation with traditional recipes. In the future, the restaurant plans to invite foreign chefs to visit the restaurant and help craft unique and scrumptious seasonal menus. 

A new look at old traditions, GANÈA Kitchen Fairy Tales is where the past meets the present and where fairy tales become a reality!



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