In winter, go and pick tasty strawberries in Guangzhou!

In addition to enjoying the colorful display of flowers, there is one thing you can’t miss out on during Guangdong’s mild winter: STRAWBERRIES! Because of the temperate weather, the best season for Guangzhou’s strawberry spans December through April.


There are many large and small strawberry fields dotted around Guangzhou’s parks and hills. Going strawberry picking and enjoying some delicious farm fresh juicy berries has become an increasingly popular way to get out of the bustle of the city center.

Scroll down to find out about some of the most popular destinations.

Cen Cun (岑村) strawberry fields


Located at the foot of Huolushan (火炉山), the fields are sorrunded by orchards and vegetable patches. Many farmers are in the strawberry growing business, so you will find plenty of choice here.

Location: Near Cen Cun Terminal bus station (Terminal of Bus 78, 901 and 902)

Price: about RMB 20/500 grams

Strawberry fields inside Huangpu Ancient Port


A highly recommended place for you not only to enjoy strawberry picking, but also to explore the historic ancient port. An all-round good choice for a day trip: don’t miss the typical Lingnan architecture and authentic Cantonese restaurants here!

Location: Inside Huangpu Ancient Port (Huangpu Gugang, 黄埔古港), Huangpu District

Price: RMB 25/500 grams

Strawberry field on Hanjing Road


There are two kinds of strawberries here. The normal variety cost 15 yuan/500g, whilst the extra sweet variety cost from 25 to 30 yuan/500 grams. The extra sweet ones come highly recommended

Location: Hanjing Road (Behind South China Normal University, Tianhe District. Approximately 100 meters from Hua Jing Xin Cheng (华景新城) bus terminal.

Price: 15-30 RMB/500 grams

Wanshengwei strawberry fields


Large fields and loads of choice. Convenient transportation. Could be crowded on weekends, however.

Location: 200 meters east of Exit C of Wanshengwei subway station, Xingang Dong road. It’s on the north side of the road.

Price: RMB 25/500 grams

Yayun Avenue strawberry fields

There are so many strawberry fields along Yayun Avenue. The average price is a typical 20 yuan/500 grams. Try different fields and tell us which one is the best!

Location: Both sides of Yayun Avenue, Panyu district

Price: RMB 20/500 grams

Longsheng strawberry field 


Another place for “farm fun” in Panyu district. The strawberries here won’t disappoint.

Location: 300 meters to the west of the crossroad of Nanpu Dadao and Shuichan Lu, Panyu district.1 KM away from Exit C of Nanpu metro station.

Price: RMB 35/500 grams

Pro Tip:

It’s said that medium sized strawberries are more tasty than big ones, and dark red ones are sweeter than light red ones.

Author: Sylvia, Yomi

Editor: Simon Haywood



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