It's winter, where can I go see some beautiful flowers?

Unlike the north, it rarely snows in most parts of Guangdong, even in the depths of winter. ‘Guangdongers’ are therefore often jealous when those in the north fill their wechat moments with beautiful snowy winter scenery. But it is high time the gorgeous flower-filled Guangdong hit the Internet and made our northern comrades jealous of us instead.


Guangzhou after the rain. The ‘flower rain’ turned roads into red carpets.It was worth braving the cold to walk amongst the flowers.

In addition to the rather romantic looking Chinese redbud, there are other flowers in full blossom during Winter in  Guangdong. We have collated a list of parks in and around Guangzhou for you to view the best blooms. Don’t miss out!




1.Meihua Cun, Yangji

If you live in downtown Guangzhou, it’s probably the nearest place for you to enjoy beautiful plums, which are built outside the yards and buildings. Take a stroll around the neighbood to explore its 5th Plum Culture Festival.

Address: No.48, Zhongshan Yi Lu (中山一路)

Metro station: Yangji, Line 5


2. Luogang Xiangxue Park

Luogang Xiangxue was once one of the Eight Scenic Spots in Guangzhou. ‘Xiangxue’, literally ‘fragrant snow’ refers to the plum blossoms in Luogang. Now these plums are in full blossom, but only until late January, so hurry up and catch the fragrant snow before it's all gone! It's worth noting that visitors to the park also have a chance to enjoy folk performances, attend a concert on a plum blossom theme and take a stroll around nearby Science City.

Tickets: Free

Opening hours: 8:00 - 17:00

Metro station: Xiangxue station, line 6


3. Conghua Liuxihe National Forest Park

Liuxihe Meiyuan (Plum Garden) is one of the largest collection of ornamental plums in China; the trees first planted in the 1960s. Conghua Liuxi Plum Blossom Festival is held in the park every year on January. Apart from the cultivated plum varieties, there is also a rare ‘weeping plum’.

Tickets: 40 RMB

Opening hours: 8:00 - 17:30

Address: Liangkou Town, Conghua

4. Baiyun Mountain Plum Valley

Plum Valley (Meihua Gu) is located at the north of Huangpodong Reservoir in the Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area, covering an area of roughly 50,000 square meters. There are more than 1000 plum trees of wide variety including plums imported from Japan, the blossoms of which are even more delicate.

Tickets: 5 RMB 

Address: No. 801, Guangyuan Zhong Road, Baiyun Mountain scenic area

5. South China Botanical Garden=

If flowers are what you want, how can you miss out the South China Botanical Garden? As one of the largest gardens in China, South China Botanical Garden covers an area of 282 hectares and is designed mainly for ex-situ plant conservation with more than 13,000 plant species grown in over 30 specialized gardens, including magnolias, bamboos, palms, gingers, orchids and medicinal plants.

Tickets: 20 RMB

Opening Hours: 7:30 – 17:30

Coreopsis and lily

Foshan Wanqingyang Garden


Good news! The so- called ‘flower sea’ of coreopsis and lilies in Wanqingyang Garden comes into full bloom right now in mid-Janaury. The Lily Culture Festival was just held on Janaury 9th, and now a carpet of beautiful purple and pink flowers is waiting for you and your camera! 

Tickets: Free

Opening hours: 8:00-18:00

Address: Foshan Wanqingyang Agriculture Heshun Demonstration Area, Jinxian Rd, Nanhai Qu, Foshan


Foshan Xiqiao Mountain Camellia Park


The flowering season of camellia usually spans mid-December through February. Xiqiao’s camillia park covers an area of 250 acres with well-known domestic and foreign varieties. You can enjoy crimson, rose red, white, and yellow camellias. The park is also filled with picturesque waterscapes; there are 232 springs and 28 waterfalls hiding among the 72 hillocks of the scenic area. And don't forget to check out the 61.9-meter-tall Guanyin statue, the tallest of its kind in the world.

Tickets: 70 RMB

Opening hours: 8:30 - 17:30

We hope you will share with us any beautiful photos that you take at these sites or others in and around Guangzhou!



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