These three theme trolleybus lines take you explore old Guangzhou


After several chilly days, a sunny and warmer weekend is finally on the way. Step out of your house and explore traditional Guangzhou on these themed trollybuses. This week, Yuexiu Tourism Bureau unveils 5 different trollybuses, covering three bus lines the 102, 104 and 106, which will operate for the next half year.

The five thematic buses are featured in traditional hand paintings of Guangzhou's distinctive scenic spots such as the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Zhenhai Tower and Five Ram Statue on its exterior. 

Self-serviced tourism guidance systems and maps are also provided within the trolleybuses and special detailed introductions for attractions and cultural relics along the bus routes can also be obtained by scanning the QR code on the buses.

Trolley buses have long been part of Guangzhou's urban identity and a witness to the historical and cultural evolution of the city. Let’s take a look at what traditional scenic spots and authentic Cantonese restaurants can we explore along these 3 lines.


Line 102

Explore traditional cultural sites

Dongshan Terminal: (Shu Qian Road, 署前路) 

Here you have the chance to enjoy a different style of old Guangzhou. Unlike the grey brick buildings in Xiguan (西关), you will find out grand historic mansions with red bricks, white porches and ochre-colored doors and windows. In addition to relaxing cafes and creative art galleries, here also are some of Guangzhou’s most famous old schools such as Peizheng Primary Schoold and Guangzhou 7th Middle School, arriving at a student’s break time giving you an insight into the life of some of Guangzhou’s brightest young students. 

Guangzhou Martyrs Park (烈士陵园)

Guangzhou Martyrs Cemetery which was inaugurated to commemorate the martyrs sacrificed during uprising in 1927 by the Chinese Communist Party, is now a public park with a lake and full of mature trees. Next to the park is the pictureque campus of Sun Yat-sen Medical University where you can grab a few quiet moments.

Cultural Park (文化公园总站)

Right on the city’s waterfront, in front of you is Shamian Island, one of the city’s most well trodden tourist landmarks places with a number of imposing Colonial era buildings. Noted for its beautiful architecture, quiet avenues and abundant banyan trees, the island offers both respite from the hustle and bustle of the city and a fascinating glimpse into the past. 


Line 104

Culinary highlights

Wenming Road (文明路)

If you’re a foodie, you must visit Wenming Road and its surrounding neighborhoods. You can have a taste of almost every Cantonese dish in this neighbourhood, and at a low price. For example, Cantonese Stew (炖汤) in Tat Yeung Stewed Soup, traditional desserts at hole-in-the-wall restaurants such as Baihua, Meigui, and Renxin Desserts, rice noodle rolls (肠粉) and congee at Yinji Rice Noodles Rolls, Siu Mei (roasted meat) at Jiuyeji Fast Foods..

Jie Fang Zhong Lu (解放中路)

Now we are near the city’s busiest pedestrian street Beijing Road. Here you have a wider choices of food from all over Asia, inculiding Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean restaurants. 

Chen Clan Academy (陈家祠)

Chen Clan’s Academy (or Chen Jia Ci) is an academic temple built in Qing Dynasty. Currently it houses the Guangdong Folk Art Museum. Because of the historical and artistic value of the building itself, it was named a national key cultural site. But this time come here not for the history, but to enjoy enormous choice of Cantonese snacks around the neighbourhood.


Line 106

Variety tour 

Da De Lu (大德路)

Near Da De Lu, sits the 130-year-old Roman Catholic cathedral, a holy and peaceful site in an otherwise bustling urban area. With a gross area of 3,300 square yards (2,754 square meters) it is the biggest in Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Guangzhou and one of the grandest double steepled Neo-Gothic structures in China. 

Ren Min Nan Lu (人民南路)

Explore this aging park near Ren Min Nan Lu. On the bank of the Pearl River, Guangzhou Culture Park covers an area of 83,000 square meters. Inside the park, trees make for a shaded stroll in summer, and various flowers make for a colourful display in all seasons. The park accommodates 8 exhibition halls, including two fixed exhibition halls, the Aquatic Product Hall and the Flower Hall.

Sun Yat-sen Library (中山图书馆)

Established in 1912, it is one of the large-scale comprehensive public libraries in China. Situated next to the library is the fascinating ‘Yuexiu Belltower’ a beautiful early 20th century building that was once home to the great Chinese writer, Lu Xun. Entry is free with a passport, or ID card and the museum has a number of interesting exhibits about the history of the site (once the Imperial examination halls of the Qing dynasty).

Dong Shan Kou 

Another chance to visit the historical and cultural streets around Xin He Pu Road in Dongshankou.



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