Chinese and Spanish artists to jointly hold exhibition “Blue Timezone” in Guangzhou

|Exhibition Info|

Artists: Nuria Rossell, Rosa Solano, Yang Shun

Curator: Kelvin Huang

Exhibition Duration: 2018. 01. 20 - 2018. 03. 04

Open Hours: 11:00 - 20:00

Venue: Kui Yuan Gallery, No.9, Xuguyuan Road,Yuexiu District, Guangzhou (广州市越秀区恤孤院路9号 逵园艺术馆)

Organizer: Kui Yuan Gallery

Supported by: institut ramon llull



Time filters unwanted sound and makes people longing for purity and calm. A colour that is above all things and yet flows in the blood appears naturally in the works of Nuria Rossell, Rosa Solano and Yang Shun, three artists who all live in Barcelona. 

Blue has always been considered as the most noble colour. It does not exist in any substance in this nature. It is hard to capture, yet longing for by many. The three artists come from different background and have different interpretation towards the colour blue. However, from their works of arts we find refinement, certainty, and detachment, we also find a sense of consensus among them. The three different presentations break the boundaries of time and border, and make this colour deeper and wider, sweeping dust in people’s hearts and guiding viewers to a journey in the endless world. 

The use of brush and emotion of the three artists changes and intervenes with each other, creating a sense of relevance. This kind of dialogue and reaction enable art works of different forms to touch our souls.

Artists’ Profiles

Nuria Rossell《蓝色时区 Blue Time Zone》布面丙烯 Acrylic on canvas 116x178cm 2017.jpg

Nuria Rossell / Blue Time Zone / Acrylic on canvas 116x178cm 2017

Nuria Rossell (1967) 

From Barcelona, Spain. Graduated from UAB University, Barcelona in 1990, where she attended two courses on History of Art and got Philology Degree. Courses in New procedures and non-toxic materials in etching of Faculty of Fine Arts in Universitst de Barcelona in 2003. Member of the print studio Artcontraprova since 2005.

Last Solo Exhibitions

2017  Alè, Urban Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

2016  On canvas, L’Eixam Cultural Center, Sant Celoni, Barcelona, Spain 

2015  Blues, Fornells-Pla Foundation, La Garriga, Barcelona, Spain

2015  Nau fràgil, Urban Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

2014  Blues, Exhibition Hall of La Rectoria Vella, Sant Celoni, Barcelona, Spain

2014  A Flor de Pell, Espai Garum, Lliçà d’Amunt, Barcelona, Spain

Nuria Rossell《鹅卵石 Pebbles》装置 Installation 尺寸可变 Variable size 2017.jpg

Nuria Rossell / Pebbles / Installation / Variable size 2017

Last Group Exhibitions

2017  Si-Fun, Urban Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

2017  A sea of poems, to Pablo Neruda, Rectoria Vella, Sant Celoni, Barcelona, Spain

2017  Encontres amb l’Alquimista, Palau i Fabre Fundation, Caldes d’Estrac, Barcelona, Spain

2017  El llibre en femení 5.0, CC Urgell and CC Pere Pruna, Barcelona, Spain

2016  Très Riches Heures du BM, Barcelona Gallery, Sant Celoni, Barcelona, Spain

2016  Subjective Reality, Sheshan Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China

2016  Subjective Reality, Forbidden City Gallery, Shanghai, China

2016  L’empremta d’una passió, Artesania Catalunya Center, Barcelona,Spain

2016  El llibre en femení, Cultural Center Sagrada Família, Barcelona, Spain

2016  L’empremta d’una passió, Jaimes library and Documenta library, Barcelona, Spain 

2015  Set artistes interpreten poetes catalans, Rectoria Vella, Sant Celoni, Barcelona, Spain

2015  Art on paper, Aqua Fortis Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

2015  El llibre en femení, Cultural Center Sagrada Família, Barcelona,Spain


Rosa Solano《蓝色物件 Blue Objects》装置 Installation 尺寸可变 Variable size 2017.jpg

Rosa Solano / Blue Objects / Installation  / Variable size 2017

Rosa Solano (1968)

From Manresa, Spain. Graduated from School of Arts and Crafts in Barcelona, then as assistant in the studio of sculptor Javier Medina Campeny, and got the higher degree in textile art at Escola Massana in Barcelona in 2010. She currently works in Barcelona.

She had participated in several group exhibitions in Spain, Ireland, China and France and got lots of international and domestic awards and scholarships. 

Rosa Solano《本质的多样性之二 Variations with Essence No.2》丝上拼贴与蚀刻 Collage and etching on silk 27x30cm 2017.jpg

Rosa Solano / Variations with Essence No.2 / Collage and etching on silk 27x30cm 2017

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017  Art Madrid, Gallery Alonso Vidal, Madrid, Spain

2017  Si-Fun, Urban Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

2017  Sol Art Gallery, Ireland

2016  + Ravalart Urban Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

2016  Seguint el fil, Foundation Setba, Barcelona, Spain

2016  Entretelas, Gallery Alonso Vidal, Barcelon, Spain

2015  Eurostars BCN Design, Barcelona, Spain

2015  Dones Visibles Invisibles, Casa Elizalde, Barcelona, Spain


杨舜 Yang Shun《天外有天之四 Sky Out of Sky No.4》布面油画 Oil on canvas 80x80cm 2017.jpg

Yang Shun / Sky Out of Sky No.4 / Oil on canvas 80x80cm 2017

Yang Shun (1974)

From Guangzhou, China, living in Barcelona, Spain since 2006. Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1998, majored in contemporary oil painting and got Bachelor’s Degree. Huge size oil painting “May of 1998” won the first award of the final works of the university in 1998 and was collected by the GAFA Museum. Got Annual Young Artist Award by Spain “CAIXA D’ART” Foundation in 2009.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2016  Poetry Retrograde, Kui Yuan Gallery, Guangzhou, China

2015  Nonlinear experience, World Trade Center Art Space, Barcelona, Spain

2015  Intangible, CIS gallery, JUSTMAD Art Fair Madrid, Spain


杨舜 Yang Shun《蓝色回音之一 The Blue Echo No.1》布面油画 Oil on canvas 100x80cm 2017.jpg

Yang Shun / The Blue Echo No.1 / Oil on canvas 100x80cm 2017

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016  I Love Peace, Library Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

2016  ART MDRID FAIR, Madrid, Spain

2015  Spring, Forbidden City Gallery, Shanghai, China

2015  Artlem Shanghai, Shanghai, China

2015  Sailing Between East & West, South 289 Art Space, Guangzhou, China


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