Zhuhai Pingsha firms to build 21 passenger ships for Hainan

Jianglong Shipbuilding and its joint venture subsidiary Aulong Shipbuilding in Jinwan District have won a contract to supply 21 ships for West Island in Sanya, the southernmost city on Hainan Island, which is renowned for tropical climate and coastal tourism.

Two of the vessels will be 42.29-m high-speed full aluminum passenger catamaran ferries with a molded breadth of 10.25 m and depth of 3.5 m. They will seat 399 travelers. The others are high-speed fiberglass passenger boats. 

Founded in 2003, Jianglong was among the first enterprises to settle in Pingsha Yacht Industrial Park and is now one of the largest shipbuilders there. It designs, researches and develops, manufactures, and sells tourist and leisure vessels and law-enforcement boats.

Jianglong holds more than 100 patents. It is one of the few shipbuilders in the country to manufacture patrol, tourism and leisure, and passenger boats made of steel, aluminum alloy, fiberglass, and composite materials. 


Yacht produced by Jianglong [File photo]

It has received orders from the China Coast Guard, Ministry of Public Security, General Administration of Customs, and State Oceanic Administration, along with a dozen countries along the Belt & Road including Iran, Thailand, Myanmar, Madagascar, and Nigeria.

Aulong was established as a joint venture by Jianglong and Austal, the world's largest and most advanced aluminum high-speed-vessel shipbuilder based in Australia.

Backed by Austal's leading designs, manufacturing technologies, and powerful database, Aulong is involved in the R&D and manufacture of high-speed passenger ferries, rapid ro-ro ships, super yachts, non-military patrol boats, sea transports, and other high-performance aluminum alloy vessels.




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