Huangpu district launches traffic infrastructures with humanized design

A raft of traffic infrastructures in Huangpu district of Guangzhou have enjoyed quite a moment in the spotlight due to their multi-functions that provide local residents with more humanized services.

The infrastructures include a bunch of smart street lamps which function as charging stations for e-bikes, smart bus stops offering WiFi services and luminous street nameplates.


The information on the luminous nameplates in Huangpu district can be seen at over 200 meters at night. (Photo/ 

Distributed along Kaitai Avenue in Huangpu district, the smart lamps are equipped with surveillance camera, WiFi transmitter and it is connected to the district's smart city management platform. They are also armed with environmental monitoring system which can offer real-time weather information such as PM 2.5, temperature, humidity and noise intensity. Moreover, the lamps can also function as power stations where e-bike users can use their smart phones or bank cards to pay and charge their e-bikes.

The luminous street nameplate is also a highlight of the district's traffic infrastructure upgrading project. The new nameplates are five meters tall with detailed information on roads and nearby government institutions, enterprises and entertainment centers being able to be seen clearly more than 200 meters far. The nameplates can be seen near Guangzhou International Sports Arena.


Street lamps along Kaitai Avenue offer charging services for e-bike users.(Photo/

The special bus stops feature smart equipment offering passengers a range of services including free WiFi, USB charging, and real-time bus location information. The bus stops, powered by solar cell panels, not only provide convenient services but are also environmentally friendly.




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