Guangzhou to set standards for waste sorting

Guangzhou, capital city of South China's Guangdong province, will lead China in formulating waste sorting standards as a special garbage classification standard institute was recently launched in the city's Haizhu district.

The Guangzhou Waste Sorting Industry Standard Institute was launched at Guangdong Industry Polytechnic on Jan 4 by standard maker Guangzhou Institute of Standardization (GIS) and leading garbage sorting industrial service platform Guangzhou Urban Mineral Association (GUMA). The institute will be engaged in setting up and revising standards for domestic waste classification and sorted waste collection.


A resident uses a high-tech garbage sorting machine in Huangchuan community of Huangpu district, Guangzhou. (Photo/ 

Waste sorting still remains at the initial growth stage in China largely because the country doesn't have an industrial standard, according to Li Zhihong, secretary general of GUMA.

Gao Jing, director of GIS, said many companies in China have very good products, experience and advanced technologies in garbage sorting but a lack of standards makes it difficult for them to promote their successful practices from one city to another.  

"The founding of Guangzhou Waste Sorting Industry Standard Institute will promote garbage sorting in Guangzhou and enhance cooperation in garbage classification area."

In 2018, the institute will be committed to establishing a standards system with emphasis on areas of sorted garbage collection technologies, garbage collection facilities and equipment and domestic garbage sorting management. By 2020, the institute will introduce the standards to communities, schools, hotels and restaurants.

Setting up special standards will help promote waste sorting industry development and spread Guangzhou's practice in others cities, according to Gao who also hopes that more enterprises and government organizations will get involved in the process. 




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