ainland's second Michelin Guide to cover Guangzhou

Guangzhou, Guangdong province, is about to have its own Michelin Guide published this year, only the second Chinese mainland city to achieve the honor from one of the world's most renowned food guides, after Shanghai.

The first Chinese edition of the Michelin Guide on the mainland was published for Shanghai in 2016, China's buzzing financial capital, awarding a total of 26 stars.

Michelin Guides are published by French tire company Michelin and offer a selection of top-quality dining recommendations. Cities on the Chinese mainland were not included in Michelin's food guides until 2016, making it hard for international foodies to experience the gastronomic delights from a country with profound food culture and abundant variety.

In December, the Michelin Guide announced that Guangzhou, the third-largest city in terms of population in China, will soon be getting its own guide.

"The Michelin Guide has encouraged the recognized chefs and up-and-coming chefs in the starred restaurants, and has become the motivation for them to progress," said a spokesperson from Michelin. "Thus, the guide can push the industry into healthy competition.

"Furthermore, the publishing of the guide has attracted the international limelight and provided a giant stage on which Chinese cuisine can shine."

Being in a country so vast with countless restaurants and bistros, not only overseas visitors but also native Chinese foodies find it hard to pin down a good spot for dinner.

Tang Li, a 31-year-old Chinese food enthusiast in Ningbo, shared his thoughts.

"I particularly love Japanese and Cantonese food but Shanghai and Guangzhou have too many of these types of restaurants," he said. "The guide can really help with this situation. I have tried a couple of Cantonese places in Shanghai following the guide - they were decent, and really worth the money."

Michael Ellis, international director of Michelin Guides, said: "The richness and quality of Shanghai's culinary scene completely won us over. The city is at the economic and cultural crossroads, and its gastronomy is the result of a strong culinary heritage which makes the dining scene very exciting."

Ellis added that the company would include more Chinese staff members in its assessment team in the future.

The publishing of the guide is expected to help Michelin's main tire business. The automobile market has slowed down globally, affecting its sector also.




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