Shekou museum opens to display the reform and opening up of China


Images and videos introduce the life story of the “Father of Shekou” Yuan Geng in the Yuan Geng Hall. Courtesy of the Shekou Museum of Reform and Opening

The Shekou Museum of Reform and Opening, the first history museum dedicated to displaying the reform and opening up of China, was opened to the public on Dec. 26, 2017. Entry is free but visitors should register their ID card at the front desk.

Sponsored by China Merchants Group and built by China Merchants Shekou, the museum serves as a platform to help people better understand Shekou Industrial Zone and the history of reform and opening up through exhibits, historical representations and interactive experiences.

Located on the third floor of the Sea World Culture and Arts Center, the industrial-styled museum has two themed exhibitions. The Story of Spring Hall features the historical reform and development in Shekou, and the Yuan Geng Hall commemorates the life story of Yuan Geng, a pioneer of China’s reform and opening up, who founded Shekou Industrial Zone. A gigantic sculpture of Deng Xiaoping, Yang Shangkun, Wang Zhen and other State leaders listening to Yuan Geng’s explanation of Shekou Industrial Zone’s state of development in 1984 is the first thing you see at the entrance, which reflects the significant meaning of Deng’s visit to Shekou and presents the achievements in the process of Shekou’s reform and opening up.

The museum contains precious historical files, letters and photos from the establishment until the construction period of Shekou Industrial Zone. Work cards, medals, certificates, products and trophies represent the collective memories of ordinary Shekou workers. These objects have been preserved by the China Merchants Group archives and Shekou construction companies.

More than 10 interactive and immersive exhibits will surely bring visitors back in time to the construction and reform years. Visitors can go back to the 1980s to visit the SANYO factory and ride on Liyuan Road with other workers on the scene. The interactive game, “little pioneer,” helps children learn about the history of Shenzhen and the reform and opening up in a fun and interesting way.

“Shenzhen has been rejuvenated due to reform and opening up. Shekou Industrial Zone provides useful experiences from China’s reform and opening up and has made an important contribution to the construction and development of Shenzhen,” said Li Xiaogan, Shenzhen’s publicity chief.

The well-known cultural figures and media professionals Qin Shuo, Dou Wentao and Xu Zidong were invited yesterday afternoon to share their thoughts on starting a business in Shekou.

To honor the new museum’s theme, “City As Innovation,” the Creative Merchandise Design Competition, a process which took two months from collection to selection, revealed the winners Dec. 11. A puzzle that depicts the history of Shekou reclaiming land from the sea took the crown. Other creative design works that wisely dissect the history behind the reform and opening up of Shenzhen, such as a ruler, postcard and fridge magnet, are also being displayed and sold at the museum as souvenirs.

The museum will hold a variety of public events to interact with visitors. Groups can also make reservations for guided tours by emailing

(Shenzhen Daily)



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