Guangzhou to issue the national transport card

A national transport card will be rolled out throughout Guangdong province in 2018, according to the national transport card Guangdong service management platform. The new transport card will enable citizens to take public transportation in all Chinese cities connected to China T-union, the national transport card system.


With a "China T-union" logo, the national transport card is compatible with any terminal displaying the same icon. Before all card terminals in the province are fully upgraded, Guangdong will issue a compatible Lingnan Tong transport card, which can be used on both national transport card terminal and Lingnan Tong card terminal. Holders of the transport cards can take public transportation which bears both the logos of Lingnan Tong and China T-union. But citizens who don't need public transportation services outside the province may keep the old Lingnan Tong card, instead of getting an upgraded one.


Seven cities—Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhuhai, Shanwei, Zhanjiang and Chaozhou— have announced to join the national transport card network. Together with seven pilot cities from last year, two-thirds of the cities in Guangdong are now connected to the system.

The new Lingnan Tong card, which is compatible with the national transport card terminal, will also develop following functions.

1. Ofo bike sharing


As the transport card company reached a partnership with ofo, shared bicycles can be used by swiping cards beginning in 2018. Ofo will optimize and upgrade its smart lock through technology research and development. Both sides will also try to promote cooperation on data sharing, co-branded cards issuance, ticket package and bonus point redemption.

2. Shared Lingnan Tong cards


Passengers are now able to rent Lingnan Tong through Alipay or WeChat. The sharing devices have been piloted in selected metro stations and traffic hubs during December 2017, and will be extended throughout Guangzhou next year.

3. "Lingnan Tong Code" system

With the "Lingnan Tong Code" system, the generation of QR code and transactions can be completed offline and transactions take less than half a second. The system supports multiple payment channels.


4. Pre-loading onto SIM cards

The old Lingnan Tong card can only be loaded on some selected mobile phones. The newly launched card, however, will be able to get loaded on any mobile phone SIM card, regardless of phone models. This means that a regular SIM card can now be used as a transport card.

Source: Life of Guangzhou



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