The Borderless Wall: Song Dong’s Solo Exhibition


Borderless Wall

2016-2017 / Installation and Events / Window, Glass Mirror, Lights / 405×10600cm

Life is art, art life.

Period: Dec. 2, 2017 - Mar. 5, 2018 (10:00 am – 7:00 pm, closed on Tuesdays)

Venue: Fei Arts (G Floor, Estate Plaza, No.5, Nong Lin Xia Road, Guangzhou)

Metro: Exit C, Dongshankou Station, Line 1 or 6


Long Street Events 

2017 / Installation and Events / 36Beds, 36 Bed-sheets 

A platform is created by making use of beds, on which various types of activities can be conducted. People spent 1/3 of thier lifetime on beds, making sweet dreams, sometimes bad ones, but when we are awake, we may do something while nothing comes, do nonthing while something must be done. 

Contemporary artist Song Dong holds the belief that there is no border between art and life. In Song’s eyes, every one’s home can be regarded as a museum, and the neighborhood composed of millions of homes can be viewed as a ‘Borderless Museum’. Song decided to put the idea that has been haunting his mind for so many years – “redefining the wall” – into practice in Fei Arts, an art organization that has been established in Guangzhou for ten years.



Installation / Throphy /316×726×119cm

Trophies without name, something out of nothing, nothing found in something. 

Therefore, Fei Arts and Song Dong launched a special public art project this May. This December, as the first art piece of the project, the Borderless Wall has been completed. This special wall not only serves as the beginning of the art project, but also refines people’s common concept of what a wall should be.

生活技 Skills in Daily Life(作品),图片提供:扉美术馆 (7)_副本.jpg

Skills in Daily Life

Video Installation / Video, Projector, Mirror Slab / 6′13″

Physical body’s in touch with physical things, connecting cities and social nerves, assessing to the dimension of conception and thoughts. 

It’s worth mentioning that the wooden beds in the artwork Long Street Events can serve more than being eating tables. During the exhibition, Fei Arts hopes more interesting activities and events can happen on these beds. Anyone who wishes to have space to display talents or to organize activities, please send the plan on “how to make use of the beds” to And Fei Arts will help you to realize your idea together.

出口Exit_2017_装置事件_现场 (2),图片提供:扉美术馆_副本.jpg


2017 / Installation and Events / 250×210×60cm

The exit of underground garage is used as the entrance of the art museum, making it an art space meanwhile.



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