Best self-driving routes from Guangzhou

Route One: Guangzhou—Meizhou—Fujian

Reputed as"Capital of Hakkas of the World", Meizhou is rich in tourism resources and cultural heritage. Thousand-Buddha Pagoda, China Hakka Museum Ye Jianying Memorial Garden, Yearning Tea plantation are recommended.

Continue driving eastwards to Fujian after visiting Meizhou, there are many tulous built by Hakkas, 46 of which have successfully been applied to become world cultural heritage. Tulous in Yongding are especially worth visiting due to their distinctive shapes, decorations and building technologies.

Distance:It totals 396 Kilometers from Guangzhou to Meizhou on freeways and 432 kilometers on national highways. It is about 160 kilometers from Mezhou to Fujian tulous

Driving route: Guangzhou — Guangzhou-Shenzhen Freeway — Guangzhou-Huizhou Freeway — Huizhou- Heyuan Freeway — Meizhou-Heyuan Freeway — Meizhou — Yinjiang — Sanhe Dam — Dapu — Chayang — Xiayang — Qiling — Hukeng — Tulou Folk Culture Village

Local delicacy: Salt roasted chicken, beancurd in stuffed with minced pork and pork with preserved vegetable

Accommodation: In Meizhou, all kinds of hotels are optional, ranged between 150-400 RMB per night. In Fujian City, the accommodation environments in Yongding County and Nanjing County are good and staying overnight in tulous is recommended.

Route Two: Guangzhou — Longji rice terraces — Anshun

National Holidays is the most beautiful period of Panlong Gorge as a total of 20,000 square meters of lavenders inside would be in full blossom to create a dreamlike world then. Longji terraces which were built in Yuan Dynasty (AD1271-1368) will be also in its best time to visit at sunset in autumn.

After arriving in Anshun, there are rolling hills, odd karst caves, plunging waterfalls, steaming hot springs, blue lakes as well as simple villagers. Three national scenic spots are gathering around here including Huangguoshu, Longgong, Getu River.

Huangguoshu is a 15 kilometers long karst cave which is very famous in China, with dazzling various stalactites. Getu River has not only unique karst landscapes but also rich resources of Miao ethnic cultures. Besides, there is a mystery about coffins ion the cliffs attracting people to explore.

Distance:It takes two and a half hours to drive 201.4 Kilometers from Guangzhou to Panlong Gorge, 6 hours to drive 473.6 kilometers from Panlong Gorge to Longji terraces and 11 hours to drive over 800 kilometers from Guilin to Anshun.

Driving route: Guangzhou — Guangzhou-Foshan Freeway — Sanshui S55 Exit — Guangzhou-Sanshui Freeway — West Second Ring Exit towards G80 — G15 — Zhaoqing — S368 —S352 —G321 — G352 — Panlong Gorge — X455 — X453 — G321 — Baomao Freeway Wuzhou Line — Longshen Exit — G321 — Longji Terraces — Yibin-Liuzhou Freeway — Lanzhou-Hai nanFreeway — Shanghai-Kunming Freeway — Anshun

Local delicacy: spicy chicken, buckwheat noodle, "bobo candy"....

Accommodation: Anshun has good hotels with standard room ranged between 100 and 200 RMB.

Route Three: Guangzhou — Zhanjiang — Hainan

There are East, Middle and West Freeways in Hainan Island. Tourist market and facilities in the east part are well developed with lots of beaches.

During this driving tour, you can enjoy the boundless banana trees and eucalyptus forests in Leizhou Peninsula. After arriving in Hainan Island, splendid tropical landscapes come into view. Scenic spots such as Boao Watertown, Yudai Beach, Nantian Hot Spring, Wuzhizhou Island, Shuihuashui Cave are recommended. i

Distance:It totals 552 kilometers from Guangzhou to Hai' an, Zhanjiang City. Then it takes about one and a half hours to reach Haikou, Hainan by ship. It is 112 kilometers away from Haikou to Boao, Qiongzhou, 158 kilometers from Boao to Yalong Bay, Sanya, 242 kilometers from Sanya to Danzhou, 140 kilometers from Sanya back to Haikou.

Driving route: Guangzhou Ringway — Shenyang-Hainan Freeway Guangzhou Sub Line —Shenyang-Hainan i Freeway — G207 — Zhanjiang City ­— Haian Harbor — Haikou — Boao — Sanya — Danzhou — Haikou

Local delicacy: Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji Duck, Dongshan Mutton and Hele Crab are the four famous local dishes in Hainan. Tropical fruits and seafood are recommended.

Accommodation: There is only one hotel in Wuzhizhou Island so it is better to book rooms on the Internet. There are hotels with hot spring facilities in Danzhou.

Route Four: Guangzhou — Lijiang —Lhasa

Tibet is not very cold around October but very beautiful then. Along with the fine scenery, the road conditions are very complicated, posing a big challenge to drivers. In this journey, you will cross snow mountains, enjoy splendid plateau sunrise in the Feilai Temple, and the hot spring in Yanjing.

After passing through Mangkang, Zuogong and Bangda to enter Tibet, you should face the famous "Ninety Nine Turnings"  when crossing Yela Mountain and challenge the most dangerous part in Hengduan Range. Then Midui Glacier in Ranwu which is reputed as the most beautiful glacier in China comes into view. The last part of the scenery from Bomi to Linzhi finally to Lhasa is also very beautiful.

Distance:It is 660 kilometers from Guangzhou to Nanning on freeways, 500 kilometers from Kunming to Lijiang, 330 kilometers from Lijiang to Feilai Temple in Gelila, 110 kilometers from Feilai Temple to Yanjing, 267 kilometers from Yanjing to Zuogong, 280 kilometers from Zuogong to Ranwu, 130 kilometers from Ranwu to Bomi, 210 kilometers from Bomi to Linzhi, 400 kilometers from Linzhi to Lhasa.

Driving route: Guangzhou — Nanning — Kunming — Lijiang — Xianggelila — Feilai Temple — Yanjing — Zuogong — Ranwu — Bomi — Linzhi — Lasa



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