Enjoy the best hot springs in Gungdong

A drop in temperature is often accompanied by an increasing popularity of hot springs and hotpots. With three cold waves hitting Guangzhou in a week, early winter might have finally arrived in the city.

Residents of Guangdong province were recently found to be the biggest fans of hot springs nationwide in a study by LY.COM, a professional tourism booking platform. Of the 20 most popular hot springs nationwide, seven are in Guangdong.

Eager to try out one of the best hot springs in the province? We have a list for you. These hot springs have passed the water temperature and quality tests conducted by an expert panel led by Cai Tao, secretary-general of the Guangdong Hot Spring & SPA Association.

Zhuhai Ocean Spring Resort

Zhuhai Ocean Spring Resort_副本.jpg

The rare ocean hot springs gushing from the depth of the sea is the very reason you should come. With a temperature between 172 and 181℉, the crystal spring water contains more than 30 trace elements and minerals beneficial to the human body, like potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, silicon and chloride ions. These can help slim the body, nourish the skin and improve blood circulation. Be it Turkish bath or dead sea salt bath, the 120 pools of different shapes and functions offer diverse and amazing bathing experiences to visitors. Come get the fatigue and weariness out of your system and learn various bathing cultures in elegant indoor settings or outdoors facing the sea in beautiful sunshine. You may also want to take some photos of the Mediterranean-style structures in the resort.

Add: Wenquan Lu, Pingsha town, Doumen district, Zhuhai city广东省珠海市斗门区平沙镇温泉路

Cloud Nine Hot Spring 

Cloud Nine Hot Spring_副本.jpg

Located southeast of the natural oxygen bar of Nankun Mountain Forest Park, this spot is known for its "nourishing soup," or the best of springs, because of the sodium bicarbonate in the water which has amazing curing and skincare properties. Under the mountain backdrop and amid picturesque scenery, the resort has an indoor hot spring spa area and 50-odd outdoor pools of various styles. Among them are a riverside bubble pool, a mid-area of TCM, a hot and cold pool, a private bubble pool, and a glass bubble pool. Cozy guest rooms, multifunctional conference rooms, banquet halls, professional massage services, children's pools and other facilities are also available for business or relaxation purpose.

Add: Zenglong Lu, Maxing village, Yonghan town, Longmen county, Huizhou city广东省惠州市龙门县永汉镇马星村增龙路

Gudou Hot Spring Valley 

Gudou Hot Spring Valley_副本.jpg

Located at the southern foot of Gudou Mountain, the biggest nature reserve in the Pearl River Delta, Gudou Hot Spring Valley enjoys two geothermal fields and boasts the only combination of sea water hot spring and radon hot spring in Guangdong province. The rare sea water hot spring helps to cleanse and rejuvenate the tired body while the radon hot spring works well in regulating cardiovascular functions and microcirculation. The resort has 22 Tang Dynasty-style pools, 16 Japanese-style pools, 10 natural open-air pools and a big European-style pool that can hold around 100 people. Visitors may even try aromatherapy, mineral sand baths, medicated baths, baths with petals, massage on a hot flagstone and other wellness-related services. Lodgings of both Eastern and Western styles, from log cabins to villas, promise visitors an unforgettable stay here.

Add: Gudou Hot Spring Resort, Yanan town, Xinhui district, Jiangmen city 江门新会区崖南古兜度假村

Guangdong Hot Spring Hotel 

Guangdong Hot Spring Hotel_副本.jpg

With numerous government officials as guests since the 1950s, this garden-style hotel boasts complete facilities and refreshing natural scenery, and what's more, national-level services. Home to rare therapeutic hot springs rich in sodium bicarbonate, the hotel has 11 hot spring pools of different functions amid garden views, indoor hot spring swimming pools, open-air bathing pools, a streamside hiking route imbued with negative ions, and a bunch of other amusement venues in a wellness center.

Add: 112 Wenquan Donglu, Wenquan town, Conghua district从化温泉镇温泉东路112号

In the next article, we will introduce more hot spring resorts and talk about how to tell real hot springs from fake ones. Also, you may want to know the dos and don’ts when bathing in hot spring pools.



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