Zhanjiang hosts martial art competition

The second Zhanjiang Traditional Martial Art Competition was held at the city's Sports Center on Nov 25, aiming to promote fitness for all with a historic and cultural context.

Hosted by Zhanjiang Sport Bureau and the Chen Family Tai Chi Association, this year's event saw nearly 500 martial art enthusiasts of all ages and from all walks of life form 37 teams to pit their skills against one another.

Categories under the competition includes Tai Chi, southern-style boxing, long boxing, health qigong, armed combat, face-to-face combat and group events (long boxing, Chen's Tai Chi, Yang's Tai Chi and Wing Chun).

After a day's fierce competition, the No 1 team of Potou Tai Chi Association plus teams from Zhanjiang Starlight Tai Chi, Wuchuan Tai Chi Center, Zhanjiang Piaowu Tai Chi, Wuchuan Xilaile Tai Chi, Zhanjiang Jinsha Bay, Xuwen Quri Tai Chi and Suixi Junzi, stood out and took gold in different categories.


Youthful students perform Tai Chi during the competition. [Photo/Zhanjiang Daily]




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