Best hiking spots in Guangzhou

In not too many days, November is recognized as the best season to step out and enjoy natural scenery. As hiking is a good choice to get close to nature and keep fit, we recommend here some mountains for hiking in Guangzhou.

Baiyun Mountain

Known as Guangzhou’s number one mountain, it is the most popular scenic spot in the city. Tourists can enjoy beautiful landscapes and some extreme activities like bungee jumping, rock climbing, alpine slide taking and glass-made plank road walking. If you're hungry, you can check out tofu pudding that’s sold on the mountain.

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Address: Guangyuan Zhonglu, Baiyun district

How to get there:

The south gate of Baiyun Mountain (Yuntai Garden): Take Metro Line 5 to Xiaobei Station, then transfer to bus Travel Line 1 to Yuntai Garden Stop

The west gate of Baiyun Mountain: Take bus 36, 76, 76A, 127, 223, 265, B18 and get off at the west gate of Baiyun Mountain Stop

Yuexiu Mountain

Covering an area of 860,000 square meters, Yuexiu Mountain is made up of seven hills and three man-made lakes. Abundant historical relics distinguish it from other mountains.

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The ancient wall here was built in the Ming Dynasty a nd is the oldest existing wall in Guangzhou. Zhenhai Tower, an intact ancient building with deep ethnic characteristics like red walls and green tiles, is a must-visit attraction. On top of the mountain stands the landmark Five-Ram Statue, which was built in 1959 and is a government-protected cultural site.

Address: 988 Jiefang Beilu, Yuexiu district

How to get there: Take Metro Line 2 to Yuexiu Park Station

Huolu Mountain

With a subtropical climate, the mountain is home to broad-leaved trees like chorisia speciosa and ormosia pinnata. Large stones with different shapes and sizes can also be seen there.

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Atop the mountain stands the Zhutou Rock (a huge stone shaped like a pig head), a relic from the glacial epoch in the quaternary period, at six meters long and five meters high. Weighing more than 100 tons, it is backed by two small boulders.

You can savor delicacies here like milk pudding, strawberries and yoghurt.

Hiking routes:

1. Huofeng route: a 12-kilometer journey from Huolu Mountain to Fenghuang Mountain

2. Huolong route: about a seven-hour trip from Huolu Mountain to Longdong Forest Park

Address: Cencun, Tianhe district

How to get there:

Cencun entrance: Take bus 78, B10, B11, 20, 901 or 901a

Kemulang entrance: Take bus 535, 534, 564 and get off at Longfa Factory Stop


Baishuizhai, an area of 170 square kilometers, is hailed as an emerald along the Tropic of Cancer. Popular scenic spots include tree houses and the 9,999 steps, reputed to be the longest stretch of climbing steps in Guangdong province. Tourists can breathe fresh air and hear natural sounds like birds chirping and water gurgling while walking along a wooden pathway.


Address: Baishuizhai scenic area in Paitan town, Zengcheng district

How to get there:

Driving route: Guangzhou-Huanan Highway — Guangzhou-Heyuan Expressway — Libai self-driving greenway — Baishuizhai

Fenghuang Mountain

Standing behind Huolu Mountain Forest Park and with a subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest, Fenghuang Mountain is a good choice for outdoor activities. The highest peak, 373.3 meters above sea level, is made up of granite and shale. Boasting natural streams and roads, it is a beautiful, wild trail for hikers.

Fenghuang Mountain_副本.jpg

Tourists can see different color ribbons as road signs in the trees along the journey.

Address: Southeast of Shaojiwo Reservoir

How to get there: Take Metro Line 3 or 6 to Tianhe Coach Terminal, then transfer to bus 84A and get off at Yudo Lu Stop

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