South Africa promotes tourism in Guangzhou

Since the BRICS Xiamen Summit was concluded successfully in early September, that how people could benefit from the Summit in daily life has already surfaced. One of the great benefits is that in the near future, traveling between BRICS countries may become much easier, because the tourism cooperation is one of the 9 proposals to be further explored according to Xiamen Declaration. 

As Chinese Yuan (CNY) enjoys exchange rate advantage over South African Rand (ZAR), and there are direct flights between Beijing and Johannesburg as well as convenient transfer in Hong Kong, South Africa, a member nation of the BRICS and a popular travel destination, is attracting more and more Chinese tourists. 


On the afternoon of November 3, South Africa hosted a tourism promotion event in Guangzhou, introducing its wildlife safari and coffee culture to the local people. Starting from November 3, without going abroad people in South China can get a glimpse of South Africa’s charm by visiting local Pacific Coffee brew bars. 


Four Chinese guests share their experience of traveling in South Africa at the promotion event. 

As part of the promotion event, coffee experience of South African style is offered in Pacific Coffee shops around South China since November 3. People can enjoy authentic South African coffee experience offered by Pacific Coffee baristas who had personally explored the coffee culture in South Africa days ago. 

Mr. Bradley Brouwer, South African Tourism President of Asia Pacific, explained that many people don’t know that Africa is actually the birthplace of coffee and coffee bean is one of the major export products of South Africa. That’s also why coffee culture is distinct and flourishing in South Africa. 


The design of MGS series of accessories is inspired by safari on sea in South Africa.

Besides, limited-edition gift bags with African drip bag coffee, hand-drawn map of South Africa and MGS bracelet go on sale in Guangzhou and Shenzhen’s Pacific Coffee shops and some online stores as well. It’s worth mentioning that the design of the MGS series of accessories is inspired by safari on sea in South Africa, featuring dolphin, whale, shark and other marine creatures. 

Shirley Chen, South African Tourism China Marketing Communication Manager, told the reporter that tourists can view whale and dolphin from very close distance at the seaside, and have close encounter with shark as well as witness the sardine run - the greatest shoal on Earth on the sea in South Africa. 


Shirley Chen is in an interview at the promotion event.

According to Shirley, South African Tourism also launches a parent-child eco-adventure tour named “Marine Ranger” in North China, inviting Chinese parents and children to learn about the marine environment and creatures in South Africa, so as to help the children develop awareness about protecting the oceans. The program is now carried out in North China as a pilot project and will probably be promoted to East China and South China in the future, said Shirley. 

To make the travel experience even more seamless from China, South Africa has established visa facilitation centers in 9 Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi’an, Shenyang, Wuhan, Jinan and Hangzhou. South African Tourism also works with Zhongshan Tourism to exhibit South Africa’s tourism products in Zhongshan, and vice versa. 




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