First express railway to western GD coming next June

The Jiangmen-Maoming express railway, an important section of the Shenzhen-Maoming line, will open to passengers next June, according to Guangdong railway authorities.


The railway, which connects Guangzhou South Railway Station with Jiangmen Station, is expected to shorten the trip between Guangzhou and Maoming and Zhanjiang to under three hours. Construction on the Shenzhen-Jiangmen section will also start soon. 

Stations on the Jiangmen-Maoming section include Jiangmen (Xinhui district of Jiangmen), Shuangshui (Xinhui district of Jiangmen), Taishan, Kaiping, Enping, Heshan (Yangdong district of Yangjiang), Yangjiang, Yangxi, Maominggang North (Dianbai district of Maoming), Dianbai East, and Maoming. 

Another big rail project is being added to the schedule — the railway between Guangzhou and Zhanjiang. The distance will be 421 kilometers, with trains passing through seven cities— Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhaoqing, Yunfu, Yangjiang, Maoming and Zhanjiang. With a speed of 350 kilometers per hour, the trains will run faster than the Shenzhen-Maoming line, making it possible to travel between Guangzhou and Zhanjiang in two hours.


Most cities in Guangdong have now joined the high-speed rail club, and those that haven't will be added in coming years. 


In 2020, two high-speed railways — between Ganzhou and Shenzhen and between Guangzhou and Shantou — will begin carrying passengers. Heyuan will then be connected to both Shenzhen and Guangzhou. With the trains traveling at 350 kilometers per hour, the travel from Heyuan to Guangzhou and Shenzhen will then take just about 40 minutes. 


The high-speed railway linking Meizhou with Guangzhou will be completed in 2019, with transfers at Chaoshan Station on the Shenzhen-Xiamen high-speed railway. Also, a "double long" high-speed railway between Longchuan and Longyan, passing through Meizhou, may start construction at the end of this year. Meizhou will then have direct high-speed trains to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, with no need for transfers.

Source: Life of Guangzhou



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