ZFX received RMB 20 million angel investment for brand development

ZFX, a home life service platform based in Guangdong, received RMB 20 million angel investment from PINGO International at its Angel Round Investment & Strategic Conference in Guangzhou on Oct. 9, 2017. 


A photo of the conference. 

Home decoration is emerging in China, which can be embodied from the policy and the development of decoration industry and realty. Since 2016, policies on finished house were released in various provinces and cities nationwide, and home decoration industry has been growing rapidly since then. According to statistics, houses will go through certain spoilage after three to five years, and no less than 6980 houses need partial or full redecoration in China every year. 

As an O2O home life service platform , ZFX is expert in gaining customers online and delivering quality service offline, providing excellent experience for users.


Mr. Liu Lin delivers a speech.

Mr. Liu Lin, founder of ZFX, has been engaged in decoration industry for over 20 years and knows well the importance of project implement and user experience. Therefore, Mr. Liu has a specific development direction for ZFX online and offline. 

In terms of online, ZFX will develop its own platform, CRM/ERP system, APP, and so on, offering professional, efficient and safe service for its clients. In terms of offline, ZFX has its own standardized, normalized and procedural service system. 


Both parties sign the agreement. 

Mr. Yang Yaozu, president of PINGO International, expressed that the strategic cooperation would further the house decoration market to grow better, faster and healthier. 


Media interview. 



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