Beautiful Countryside Vibrant Guangdong


September 8 afternoon, 'Beautiful Countryside Vibrant Guangdong' 2017 the forum of the construction and development for Guangdong rural tourism held at the Expo.

As a coastal area, rural tourism started very early. The Pearl River Delta city's industrial development led to the development of the service industry, and also led to the demand for rural tourism. After years of development, Guangdong has formed a mature rural tourism product system. With the gradual improvement of people's living standards, and the gradual improvement of the road network, the development of rural tourism in Guangdong is full of opportunities. Guangdong rural tourism has beyond the simple ‘sightseeing’ mode, and turn to the unique way, such as the ancient village & town theme, folk culture and art theme, fruit and vegetable farm theme, Lingnan Water theme, coastal ocean theme, ethnic minority themes, which formed a new format.

Guangdong rural tourism development, should continue to innovate rural tourism products and new formats. Government guide and support should be strengthened, comprehensively enhance the quality and services of rural tourism. What’s more, the local enterprises should play an important roll, and guide the community to participate in rural tourism. At the same time, attract more wisdom, and encourage rural tourism business employment, to enhance the sustainability of tourism poverty alleviation.



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