8 villages around Guangzhou


1.Huangpu Ancient Village

Huangpu Port, one of China's important ancient trading ports, witnessed the prosperity of the Maritime Silk Road in Guangzhou. Nowadays, it has become a comprehensive sightseeing spot with attractions including exhibitions, broadcasts, entertainment and relaxation. By paying a visit to this ancient village on a Friday afternoon, you are free to get closer to Cantonese history and culture, not to mention fresh and inexpensive local food that is available here.

Five Things You Must Do in Huangpu Port 

1. Take photos with the Huangpu Village Memorial Archway.

2. Pray and make a vow in Pak Tai Temple.

3. Wander around the Ancient Bazaar to pick up some traditional craftwork.

4. Get to know the history and culture of Huangpu Village by visiting the history museums.

5. Send a postcard from a small boutique.

Address: Huangpu Village, Shiji Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou.

How to get there: No.229, High-peak 59, Tourism NO3; Wanshengwei Metro Entrance.


2. Julong Village

Julong village, hidden in the silence among the bustling city. Here, under the blue sky, surrounded by trees, flowers, and bridges. Julong Village is quiet and tranquil.

Things You Must Do in Julong village:

Ancient Xiguan architecture, basketball field, badminton field, children’s library, and 922 creative park. 

Address: Fangcun Avenue, XinghuaStreet, 500 meters near the Chongkou Village. 

How to get there: No.64,181, 217. Metro: Line 1, Fangcun, B2 entrance


3. Dawen Village

There is a fruit promenade on the left side of farm canal, and all kinds of small agricultural water tankers. Kids can have all kingd of fun. On the right-hand-side, there are patches of corn and banana. We rent bikes, finish the promenade, ride back to the village, see a lot of sugar cane and ginseng fruit trees on the way, and thousands of ducks in pond. It is good riverside scenery.

Things You Must Do in Dawen Village: Experience Farming Park, 1.5 km-long promenade fruits

How to get there: Direct bus from Nansha bus terminal, or take No.11 Panyu Bus at Metro Line 3, Panyu Square, A1 entrance, 


4.Xiaozhou Village

Xiaozhou Village was built at the end of the Yuan Dynasty, more than 370 years ago and now stands on the southern outskirts of the city. It is characterized by classical Cantonese community landscapes and modern art and crafts boutiques and has borne witness to all that the city has been through. Old trees can be seen everywhere in Xiaozhou Village, providing shade and shelter for visitors to cool off.

Free Admission 

Things You Must Do in Xiaozhou Village:Oyster shell wall, the people's hall

How to Get There: Bus: No. 252, No. 468 to Xiaozhou Bus Stop 


5.Shawan Old Town 

Shawan Old Town, founded in the Song Dynasty, has a history of 800 years. The town boasts over 100 ancient shrines and is lined by beautiful, preserved ancient buildings. The lotus pond is located at the west gate of the town, near the entrance square. Last year, three lotus flowers on one stalk were found in this pond. Just a subway ride and bus hop away from the city, a visit to Shawan is an idyllic and culturally rewarding way to spend a day away from the city. 

Things You Must Do in Shawan Old Town: Brick sculpture, wood carving, stone carving, tile and plaster decoration, murals, and oyster shell wall

Address: North Village, Shawan Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou

How to Get There: Take Guangzhou Metro Line 3 to Shiqiao Station, then take Bus 67 at Exit B.

Opening hours: 9:30-17:30

Admission: RMB 20 yuan per ticket


6. Daling Village

Daling Village in Panyu, Guangdong, is the first National Historical Cultural Village in Guangdong Province. The 873-year-old village was known as the home of many scholars and high government officials in feudal times. The village is a typical Guangdong-style ancient village with well-preserved architecture covering more than 9,000 square meters. There are many streets in the village. Among these, a street called Wuban Baishi Street is unique. The 400-meter street was built in 1897 during the Qing Dynasty. On one side of the street, there are ancient buildings built with strong Cantonese characteristics dating back to the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing dynasties; on the other side, there are modern buildings with modern facilities, which are in sharp contrast yet create a very interesting scene. There are also many temples and towers in the village. Some must-see spots include Longjin Bridge, Yongsi Mansion, Zhenshou Gate and Shaoqing Water Reservoir.

Things You Must Do in Daling Village: the big lotus pond and oyster shell temple

How to Get There: Take Longhua direct bus from Shiqiao Bus Terminal, get off at Daling Village Stop.



7.Langtou Village

Facing south, the village has a regular layout with the buildings well preserved and orderly arranged. The entire village occupies an area of more than 60 thousand square meters. The buildings in the village are mainly ancestral halls and bookrooms. Most of them were built in the Qing dynasty (1636-1912) and some of them were built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1664). They have herringbone or wok ear fire-sealing gable and plaster carved bogu ridge or longchuan ridge. The buildings are well decorated by high quality stone carving, brick carving, wood carving and lime carving among which Youlan Ancestral Hall and Guyi Bookroom are the best examples.

Things You Must Do in Langtou Village: Ancestral halls, study halls, temples, old lanes, ancient towers and residential house group

How to Get There: From Xinhua Street, you can take Bus No.5 (Huadu) or Bus No. 61 (Huadu) to get to Nanjie Kou, then take a motorcycle (costs RMB 5-8) to get there; or you can take Bus No. 14 (Huadu) to get directly to Langtou Village.


8. Xitou Village

Reputed as “The Most Beautiful Village in Guangdong”, “Longevity Village” and “Belle Village”, Xitou Village is surrounded by pristine and densely forested hills. Step inside the village and you are welcomed by a small hill in front in which a valley lies. From the valley, a silver waterfall flies down and splashes into a deep jade-green pool, making its surrounding space cool and air refreshing. Dotted with wild flowers and strange-looking stones, the place is a natural paradise to escape the hot summer.

Things You Must Do in Langtou Village: 

How to Get There: Direct bus from Conghua Bus Terminal to Conghua Jiekou, then took Lvtian Line



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