Dong’ao Island, a wonderland you don’t want to miss

As an attractive coastal city in Guangdong, Zhuhai is among ten cities nationwide in China's first group of Demonstration Cities of Tourism & Leisure. 

Dong’ao Island is 30 kilometers offshore, to the southeast of Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City. What attracts tourists most is the island’s beaches, including Nansha Bay, Dazhu Bay, and Xiaozhu Bay. Nansha Bay, also known as “Diamond beach”, tops the list of all the beaches in Wanshan Archipelago, where visitors can enjoy surfing, diving, and sailing in the cool, blue and clean water. 


Tourist attractions

Miyue Ge(蜜月阁)


Moya Stone Carving(摩崖石刻)


Qiuzi Spring(求子泉Qiuzi means “praying to get pregnant”)


Chongcheng (铳城) 


Sunrise of Dong’ao Island


Qingren lu(Rd.)(情人路)



Gree Dong’ao Hotel

In the vast South China Sea, Zhuhai Wanshan Archipelago is like a string of pearls, and Dong’ao Island is the most brilliant one.

Located in the National AAAA-class Science Area Dong’ao Island Resort, Gree Dong’ao Hotel is only 20 nautical miles from Xiangzhou Port in Zhuhai. Covering an area of 60,000 ㎡, the Hotel is composed of two five-star main buildings. Besides 345 guest rooms such as various mountain view rooms, sea view rooms and suites, it has 11 conference rooms, five Chinese and Western restaurants, and four bars. Thus, it can provide dining service for 1,260 guests at the same time. In addition, the Hotel also provides numerous leisure and entertainment facilities such as outdoor borderless swimming pool, indoor constant temperature swimming pool, gymnasiums, SPA aromatherapy, KTV, and chess and card rooms. In particular, the two main buildings are naturally connected by the attractive Nansha Bay Diamond Beach.

The hotel provides various sports and entertainment beyond your expectation, such as sailing, jet-ski, banana boat, beach volleyball, beach soccer, canoe, flying trapeze, cycling, hiking, yoga, archery, basketball, table tennis, badminton, billiards, video games, etc. The around the clock shuttle service between hotels and beach creates seamless connection among these sports and entertainment.

Address: No.1 Lvdao Road, Dongao Island, Wanshan District, Zhuhai City

Tel:+86(0)756 885 5888


1、Zhuhai Jingwan Airport—Zhuhai Xiangzhou Port(about one-hour drive)——Dong’ao Island(about one hour, by boat)

2、Shenzhen Shekou Port——Zhuhai Jiuzhou Port(about one hour)——Zhuhai Xiangzhou Port(about 20min)——Dong’ao Island(by boat)



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