Sofitel Foshan, inventor of the Roman Holiday Wedding Show

Every girl dreams of being a bride holding a bouquet of pure white flowers in one hand and the hand of her beloved in the other and walking down the aisle. Girls cannot be prettier than the moment they get married. In cooperation with Radio channel FM88.3, Sofitel Foshan this summer will initiate an audition to find the Prettiest Bride in Foshan, with tailor-made glamor just for YOU to star as a bride just like Audrey Hepburn.

Since its launch, the locals have shown great interest, and the registration system has also proved its popularity after being inundated with the applications by "little fairies". After several rounds of keen and heated competitions highlighting this summer - A step towards Stardom and Reforge: Audrey Hepburn Photo Style - we finally have six finalists. Following a voting process for six months, Ms. Chen Xiaojun won the championship as the Prettiest Bride in Foshan with an overwhelming number of votes up to 5862.

The most exciting part for the winner will be the chance to play as the leading character, presenting the romantic and stunning wedding show with a Roman Holiday theme which certainly creates long-lasting memories.  

【Interactive Space】 Meet Audrey Hepburn In Roman Holiday

As time goes on, this classic remains unchanged. In a salute to the most elegant, distinguished, and prettiest woman, Audrey Hepburn, Sofitel Foshan and more than 10 excellent brands from Foshan will bring the cinematic love story Roman Holiday back to life on June 23rd. 

Classic elements from the original movie will be preserved in the interactive theme space, among which we can find eye-catching natural views and retro motorbikes. At the event, a high-rank princess will meet and fall in love with a lower ranked journalist in a place where guests can walk around. This interactive space creates a scene of ancient Rome and revives this everlasting love story.  

【 Witness love under the form of wedding ceremony】 Creating a dreamlike wedding ceremony with a unique French touch

In the magnificent Napoleon Grand Ballroom, hundreds of guests will gather together and witness the great love presented by Roman Holiday. 

Under the Roman solemn structure, the Prettiest Bride will turn into an elegant princess and walk into the wedding hall slowly with Joe, her handsome hero. While gazing into each other’s eyes, the sad and pitiful ending of Roman Holiday will be overwritten and transformed into a happy one.

As times flies, love remains eternal. At Sofitel Foshan, the romantic wedding ceremony dreamed by every couple will come true. The hotel will customize a French dreamlike wedding ceremony for all couples and become the standard setter for luxury weddings.

【 Enroll for a prize】Win Fantastic presents!

We cordially invite you to join the wedding show at 2 pm on June 23rd and experience the dreamlike wedding space and the special theme exhibition Yesterday Once More. 

On the day of the wedding show, any couple reserving a hotel banquet in 2019 and 2020 will be rewarded a free food tasting trial based on the selected menu for 10 people, after meeting minimum spending of 160,000 CNY and signing the contract. With minimum spending of 200,000 RMB, an extra one-hour tea break for 50 people will be offered.  Anyone who reserves services and products from our partners during the wedding show will also enjoy a discount from 5% to 15%.

The hotel has also prepared an exclusive surprise for couples who will be making a reservation that day, such as vouchers for a stay in a 5-star hotel, for skincare and body reshaping service, for Korean wedding veil, for fancy tailor-made wedding shoes, and for afternoon tea for two people. 

Besides this audio-visual feast and a delicate tea break for guests, the Lottery for Everyone will also bring the party to its climax. Special offers are waiting for you: Master Couture photography service worth 1,980 RMB, several room vouchers for hotel rooms similar to those where the stars from Running Man stayed in Sofitel Foshan, a top suite, post-modern luxurious rooms, and a French-style buffet dinner for two. So act now or never! 

【 How to apply】

Apply online: Follow the Wechat public account of Sofitel Foshan and send a text in this format:  Roman Holiday + Name + Mobile Number. Your application will be deemed successful if you receive a phone call after the application. 



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