Falls in Guangdong to cool you down in summer

During summer, there is no doubt a conditioner can help to cool you down. However, cool yourself down in natural environment is another choice. Here we introduce some natural waterfall in Guangdong. 

Baishuizhai Waterfall Scenic Spot


Covering a forest area of some 200 square kilometers, Baishuizhai Waterfall Scenic Spot is regarded as a magnificent emerald in the Tropic of Cancer. With Nankun Mountain to its east, Wenquan Town in Conghua City to its west, Xiaolou Town in Zengcheng District to its south and Baiyun District in Guangzhou City to its north, this scenic spot is blessed with fortuitous location. Once inside, you will be welcomed by lush bamboos, old towering trees, dancing butterflies, bees and etc.


On weekends, it is a great delight to watch Baishuixian (White Daffodil) Waterfall in Baishuizhai Waterfall Scenic Spot, the number-one waterfall in terms of water head in the Chinese Mainland with friends and families.

Location: Paitan Town in the northern mountainous region of Zengcheng District, Guangzhou City


Longguicai Waterfall Scenic Spot in Fengshun County


It is called the biggest waterfall in eastern Guangdong and even compared to Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou Province. The waterfall drop height is 115 meters and its width is 62 meters. Because the rain-gathering area is up to 40 square kilometers, the annual mean water discharge is 3.5 cubic meters per second and up to 6.7 cubic meters per second in the rainy season.

Location: Donglian Town of Fengshun County,Meizhou City


Guangdong Grand Canyon Waterfall


Guangdong Grand Canyon lies in Dabu Town, 68 kilometers southwest of Yao Autonomous County of Ruyuan. The canyon, one of the quartz sandstone canyon landforms, is 15 kilometers long and more than 300 meters deep with its width varying from one hundred meters to over a thousand meters. The bottom of the canyon is smooth at some point and the Hukou Waterfall rushes 200 meters from the disconnected precipices down to the valley bottom, breaking the smooth mirror at the bottom. 


There is a “sky ladder” with 1386 stone steps reaching the bottom at a level of 50 degrees. The gully is vertical-horizontal, the grotesque peak stands in great numbers, and the ancient plant reaches to the sky. The grandiose landscape is truly breathtaking!

Location: Dabu Town, 60 kilometers southwest of Ruyuan County, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province


Tianzi Mountain Waterfall Group, Qingyuan City


Tianzi Mountain Waterfall is a group of natural cascade waterfall. Its torrent dashes down from high and you can dozens of waterfalls pour down from the sky and many wonderful views. 

Location: Xikeng Village, Feilaixia Town, Qingcheng District, Qingyuan City




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