Night of arts shines with Chinese elements

A series of artistic performances, themed “Harmony between man and nature,” tipped China’s hat to the delegates from around the globe in Hall 4 of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on the evening of July 23.

With the main frame of the natural law — four seasons in a year — guiding the content of the performances, the evening echoed the International Botanical Congress and highlighted how life and nature are dependent on each another.

In addition, a virtual space was created, using sound, light and electronics, combined with ground and environment projections to create a scene that interacted with the performances. Some of China’s renowned performance groups, such as the National Acrobatic Troupe, Yunnan Yang Liping Dance Group and Guangdong Song and Dance Ensemble, delivered a carnival of arts for the audience.

In a display of the profundity and charm of Chinese culture, the performances portrayed traditional stories about the peaceful coexistence between man and nature based on the aesthetic principles of Chinese ink painting. The evening blended a variety of mediums into its playlist, such as acrobatics, a fashion show, traditional Chinese opera, singing and dancing.(Lei Kaibin)

(Shenzhen Daily)



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