Go to the spring water pools to cool off your summer!

According to the Chinese solar terms, most parts of China are now experiencing the hottest days of the year. The scorching summer drives many people to come up with different ways to cool off the hot days. Here we recommend several natural spring water pools in Guangdong for you to escape the summer heat.

Bijia Mountain, Qingyuan City


As a back garden of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Qingyuan is a famous tourist city in Guangdong where the natural scenery is beautiful and the mountains and waters are picturesque. Many "agritainment" restaurants in the mountainous area there offer various spring water swimming pools. Here we recommend a wonderful spring water pool of “Shanwai” (山外) inn for you.


The swimming pool of Shanwai inn is known as one of the biggest and most beautiful pools in Bijia Mountain area. You can spend a leisure day in this picturesque place. What’s more, most visitors would choose to stay overnight to enjoy this wonderful place..

Taihe Cave scenic spot, Qingyuan


It is known as the biggest spring water pool in Guangdong. Its high water quality has attracted numerous visitors to swim here.


Besides swimming, you can have an exciting adventure in Taihe Cave. Taihe Ancient Cave scenic spot features perilous peaks, unique stone formations, dense forests, waterfalls, stone carvings, and winding streams. The cave is located on Huajian Mountain of Qingxin county, about 5 km away from Qingyuan or 70 km away from Guangzhou.

Hushan Hot Spring, Qingyuan


Yingde in Qingyuan City, the place where Beijiang River, Wengjiang River, Lianjiang River converge, nurtures the unique landscape. Yingde has a very high forest vegetation coverage rate and boasts of the largest forest ecosystem. The water of the spring comes from Baodun Lake so you can have a sense of naturalness and relaxation when you are in the spring pool.

Mount Wutong, Shenzhen


If you are finding a spring water pool around the city, the swimming pool at the foot of Mount Wutong is definitely the first choice for you. You can have quality time in such serene environment.



Besides swimming, you can join in parent-child activities and social parties here.

Yinpingshan Forest Park, Dongguan


Located in the east of Dongguan, Yinpingshan (silver vase) Mountain is the highest peak in the city. From February to March, a sea of red flower blossom on the southeastern face of the mountain, a sight you can not miss. A huge reservoir in the center of the park allows visitors to fish. 


(By Ricky & Xiaowen)



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