Guangzhou Marathon: A crowd to run after a few Africans again?

The 2017 Guangzhou Marathon is to be held on December 10, a Sunday. Registration for the event has started! 

Click here to register:


Last year, the number of registrations for the 42.2-kilometer marathon was 31,240, while 41,463 registered for the half-marathon (21.09 kilometers). Those registrations were well beyond the quotas of 11,000 set for the marathon and 9,000 for the half-marathon, according to the organizing committee. A total of 30,000 runners from 47 countries and regions, including those for a mini-marathon of five kilometers, actually got to participate in the event. Salah Eddine Bounsar from Morocco came out on top for the men’s marathon with a time of 2:11:09, while Aynalem Kasahun Teferi from Ethiopia won the women’s marathon at 2:31:52. 

As in previous years, a big crowd of participants were seen running after a few professional runners from Ethiopia and Morocco, who took the lead early and wound up as winners. 


Will it be the same this year? If you are at least 18 (for the half-marathon) or 20 (for the marathon), and have the experience of finishing a half-marathon or more, visit the following website to register: 

You may register online for the marathon between now and 5 p.m., July 30, or for the half-marathon between 10 a.m., August 22, and 5 p.m., September 18. The total number of participants for both race events is set at 30,000. 

For the marathon, the quota is limited to 18,000, and for the half-marathon, it is 12,000. If the number of applicants exceeds the quota, your eligibility will be decided by a draw. Loyal or outstanding runners may be given priority entry to the event. For more details, visit

Not a good runner, but still want to participate? 

The mini-marathon has been separated this year from the event, in line with international standards. But, according to Wu Minchun, deputy director general of the Guangzhou Sports Bureau, mini-marathons will be delegated to the district level so that citizens can participate in races in their own neighbourhood. Huangpu district and Huadu district, for example, are now making plans for marathons, including the mini ones, to be held before or after the citywide event. Haizhu district holds 10-kilometer races every March. A mountain marathon is going to be held at the end of this year in Conghua district. And a Nansha marathon is also under planning. 

Are you a fan of marathons? Bring your friends and go register for it! If you just want to have a nice run with family and friends and be a part of city life, wait for our reports about more relaxing events to be held in the city. If you have stories of Guangzhou Marathon to tell, feel free to contact us. (By Sophia Tang, Louis Berney)




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