New lanes make bicycling safe, attractive downtown

The first seven motor-free vehicle lanes have been completed while lanes of the second phase are scheduled to open in September, according to the Zhuhai Urban Construction Facilities Management Center.

The designated strips promoting health and green travel are increasing the cycling network in eastern downtown areas. The slow-traffic system program provides convenient, safe, and comfortable cycling amenities. Bicycle symbols will be painted on the lanes and signs installed.

Hongshan, Cuixian, Cuiqian, and Jingye roads along with three other thoroughfares in Xiangzhou District have new lanes that are painted red. The network consists of the first phase of 18 roads extending 89 km, and second phase of 54 km covering Old and New Xiangzhou, Gongbei, Jida, and Qianshan areas.


Motor-vehicle-free lane [Photo by Yan Xing / Zhuhai Daily]

According to a project official, the slow-traffic system program primarily expands bicycle-only routs. The second phase, however, encompasses six bike-only lanes, 11 combined motor vehicle-bicycle lanes, and four bicycle-pedestrian passageways.




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