Zhuhai-Vitoria direct shipping route launched


A cargo ship carrying 35,000 tons of granite departed from the Port of Vitoria, Brazil, on July 1, and set off for the Gaolan Port of Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong province.

Zhuhai will also seek opportunities to cooperate with more ports in Brazil. The Zhuhai government set up a work group in 2010 to promote e-commerce cooperation and service trade with Brazil.

In June 2015, the city governments of Zhuhai and Vitoria signed a letter of intent to deepen cooperation. Zhuhai became a main partner with Brazil in the field of e-commerce.

After the direct shipping route between Zhuhai and Vitoria was launched, Zhuhai will become a main transit hub for trade between China and Brazil, and robust economic growth is expected for the Gaolan Port Economic Zone.




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