2017 Shunde Music Day to be held on June 24-25

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Time: 24 -25 June 2017

Address: De Sheng Culture Square, Deming Lu, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong

Organizer: Shunde Daliang district Office & Shunde Art and Culture Development Center

Supported by: Consulate General of France in Guangzhou, faguowenhua.com, Institut Francais, Alliance Française, Conseil des arts et des letters du Québec, Ville de Marseille, & Shunde Culture and sports office

Sponsors: Le Coq Sportif, Danone-Mizone




About the bands

Féloche (France)

Féloche (France).jpg

Line – up:

Lead Vocal/Instrument: LE BARS Felix 

Instruments/ Vocal Accompaniment: DUCLOS VILLAIN Romane 

Instruments/ Vocal Accompaniment: HERIN CHRISTINE ITALIANA 

Féloche has seen the country, which for him means more than just visiting in passing. The largesse of his smile announces colour, with a force greater than himself, wherever he goes, he becomes a cornerstone. From the island of La Gomera, to New York, Ukraine, Romania, and Argenteuil. He gives and the people give back. Their powerful stories, their whistle of paradise, their old sound stained by dirty rock, their rhythms, their flow, their flights.

Cat Machine (Zhongshan) 

Cat Machine (Zhongshan)_副本.jpg


Vocal: Xiao Xiao

Guitar: Li Shiyu

Bass: Yifeng

Keyboard: Berry

Drummer: Zhang Zhisheng 

Cat Machine was founded in 2011. It’s a Chinese rock band from Guangdong. The band was noticed for sarcastic lyrics and wide-ranging musical influence, including funk, blues, hard rock and electronic music, described as significant southern rock style which combine mandarin, Pearl delta culture and rock music. 

The band released debut album “Get Back To The Funk” in 2012. In 2013, released EP “Stealing One Night”. In 2014, they released post rock EP “Factory Of The World” which was the first record about environmental protection issue in China. The single “Peach Garden Cave’’, “Greenhouse Girl” which hit number 3 on Chinese Rock Chart. In 2016, released the album “Universal Jubilation”, the song“Passion Club” won the 2nd prize on Chinese Rock Chart. This album was selected by the famous music critic Qiu Dali "in 2016, 100 Mandarin albums". At the end of the same year, Cat Machine cover of “Greenhouse Girl” has been used in the sound track of the movie "The Terry Man".

The Mayuan Poet 

The Mayuan Poet_副本.jpg


Vocal/ Guiter: Wang Zhihua

Guite: Gao Fei

Bass: Ji Wei

Drummer:Lin Yunqi 

The Mayuan poet band was established in 2008, A British rock band from kunming, Yunnan. They are a new young rock band that mixes hard rock, grunge and trip-hop in their personal Chinese way. The band got overall winner in the 2014 Battle Of The Bands. In June 2015, signed a contract with tree music company and launch first album “Mu Xing”.

King Krab (France)

King Krab (France).jpg


Vocal /Guitar: DERREZ LUCAS


Keyboard: GELSI KEVIN 

Drummer: SALLEN Florent

Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo and Shunde will surf a wave of funk and soul between June 17 and 25, brought to you by King Krab. Their refined style is carried by contagious enthusiasm and a sensual groove. King Krab is the story of two brothers from Marseille. 90s children, they listen extensively to the vinyls, cassettes and CDs of African-American classics that lie on their father’s shelves. As teenagers, in an echo to this musical childhood, Lucas and Adam took up guitar and bass, later becoming regulars at a Marseille jam session. This proved to be the main inspiration for the brothers’ group.

Webster (Canada)

Webster (Canada).jpg





Aly Ndiaye, also known as Webster, is a hip hop artist from Quebec city, Canada. He is a veteran and pioneer of the hip hop scene in Quebec. With more than two decades of experience, he is no stranger to performing live, and can easily captivate a crowd. Even for those outside the scene, Webster has a talent for opening their minds and hearts to hip-hop music, and is as comfortable with children as with seniors. At his shows, attendees all end up waving their hands in the air in the purest hip-hop tradition. He performs in a dynamic group with DJ Fade Wizard, Assassin (hype man) and Valérie Clio (singer). 

Fat Space (Shunde)

Fat Space (Shunde)_副本.jpg


Vocal/ Guitar: Hu Dingli

Guitar: Li Yongxuan

Bass: Qiu Guangyao

Drummer: Liu Jiaqing

Link: no yet

Fat Space is a local rock band from Shunde, Consisting on bass guitarist fat Will (who often collaborate with famous singer Ms. Janice from HK), Li Yongxuan (Blues guitar), Hu Dingli, singer and guitarist, Liu Jiaqing(Blowout drummer). The music style included different music influence from blues, funk to pop and rock. 

Mysterain (Guangzhou)

Mysterain (Guangzhou)_副本.jpg


Vocal: Xiao Xiao

Guitar: Li Shiyu

Bass: Yifeng

Keyboard: Berry

Drummer: Zhang Zhisheng 

Flute: Li Wensheng

Mysterain, the band was founded in 2005 in Guangzhou. Their music is a tremendous momentum of aestheticism, a passionate and magnificent symphonic, that bring the listener to an other dimension. In 2015, the band incorporate flutes and other folk music elements into their original rock gothic style. In March 2016, Mysterain caught public attention by the first domestic 3D panoramic rock concert. 

The band has already released 3 albums: “Forest Pavilion”, “Fan Hua Luojing”, “Po Mo Shangu”.



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