A bunch of activities to celebrate the 20th anniversary of HKSAR's establishment

1/ Dance performance - “L'Amour Immortel”


The Hong Kong Dance Company presents “L'Amour Immortel” dance performance to Guangzhou, Guangdong.

 L’Amour Immortel is the most enduring story from the literary classic Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio. It chronicles the star-crossed encounter between a beautiful, bewitching ghost, and good-natured scholar. L’Amour Immortel celebrates the beauty of love and humanity.

Gripping and heart-thrilling, the poignant story has been repeatedly adapted for cinema and television, making it a time-honoured household name. The show has been awarded “Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer”, “Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer” and “Outstanding Set Design for Dance”.

Venue: Guangzhou Opera House

Date: 15-16 July 2017

Enquiry: (8620) 3839 2888  (8620) 3839 2666

2/“Discover ‧ Hong Kong” Photo competition


We cordially invite the public to join the competition to discover the best of Hong Kong. The competition is divided into the open group and students group. Participants are invited to use cameras or smart phones with photographic function to take photos of Hong Kong from January to June 2017 that can best represent the natural beauty, diversified culture and modern characteristics of Hong Kong. Winners will be awarded with prices and gifts. The deadline of the competition is 30 June.

Date:  To August 2017

Venue: Guangdong Province

Please scan the QR code to join the competition. All are welcomed.


3/Exhibition on the history of Hong Kong


The exhibition will showcase photos and old collections of Hong Kong with the aim to enable Mainland public to understand more about the past of Hong Kong.

Venue: Guangzhou Library

Date: 13-23 June 2017

Enquiry: (8620) 8383 6666

4/Hong Kong Retrospective Film Show for 20th anniversary of HKSAR's establishment


A series of classic Hong Kong films will be selected for screening in Guangzhou to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of establishment. Audiences can take this opportunity to get a taste of the classic film culture of Hong Kong.

Venue: Guangzhou, Guangdong

Date: July 2017

5/ Theatre Drama – “The Last Supper”


The Hong Kong Repertory Theatre presents “The Last Supper” to Guangzhou, Guangdong. The play is a black comedy depicting the life of the grass root in Hong Kong. Following two sold-out Hong Kong performances in 2011, The Last Supper went on tour to Guangzhou Opera House in 2012, then at the Youth Theatre Festival for Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong in 2013, all to extremely enthusiastic acclaims. It was named top 10 and top 6 productions of 2013 respectively by TimeOut (Beijing) and The Beijing News.

Venue: Guangzhou Opera House

Date: 28-29 July 2017, 20:00

Enquiry: (8620) 3839 2888 (8620) 3839 2666

6/ Exhibition to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the HKSAR’s Establishment – Guangzhou

The exhibition introduces the achievements attained by Hong Kong in the past 20 years, and provides the latest development of Hong Kong on various fronts including political, economic, cultural, tourism, environmental protection etc. Extensive photos, 3-D exhibits and promotional videos are used to showcase Hong Kong’s exciting city landscape and its vibrancy as an international metropolis, with the aim to enhance the understanding of Mainland public about Hong Kong.

Venue: Taikoohui mall, Guangzhou, Guangdong

Date: 25 August to 3 September 2017

7/ Theatre Drama –“The Sin Family”


The Hong Kong Repertory Theatre presents “The Sin Family” to Guangzhou, Guangdong. The play examines the ways our new generations destroy the most stabilizing foundation of our lives – families, as traditional values continue to decline. Through some of the common phenomenon in families of our society, the play challenges the audience to reflect on the “realities” of life. Coated beneath the laughter and farcical story is a real bitterness we cannot afford to neglect.

Venue: Guangzhou Opera House

Date: 25-27 August 2017, 20:00

Enquiry: (8620) 3839 2888 (8620) 3839 2666

8/“Think & Thank” Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Summer Camp 2017


The Hong Kong Chinese Women Association (HKCWA) will organize a study tour of Hong Kong and Shenzhen students to visit places in Shenzhen and Jiangxi Anyuan to enhance their understanding on the latest development of the Chinese Mainland. Activities in Shenzhen will include visiting of Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub, high technology enterprises, and Shenzhen-Hong Kong students’ evening gathering.

Venue: Shenzhen

Date: 21-24 July 2017

Enquiry: (852) 3590 8227



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