Star Cruises Junior Cruisers Program Returns to SuperStar Virgo this Summer

Enjoy “Edutainment at Sea” and become the next STEM expert

Visit four iconic destinations in Japan on an exclusive 7-Night “Golden Sea Route”

The countdown to summer holidays officially begins! The ideal family vacation would have three criteria: fun-filled activities suitable for all ages, minimal hassle, and educational for the kids. The well-acclaimed Junior Cruisers Program has this and more as it returns to Star Cruises flagship SuperStar Virgo this summer with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) theme, especially curated to engage young travellers with interactive activities that stimulate their creative and logical senses via cross-contextual learning, while they enjoy a one-of-a-kind holiday with the family to take in some of the most picturesque and iconic views in Japan.

Junior Cruisers Training 101: The 20 Signature Classes

The Junior Cruisers Program begins with the complimentary 101 classes, comprising 20 signature classes including everybody’s favourites such as Nautical English, Dining Etiquette, Guided Ship Tour and Ballroom Dancing. (Total value is over HK$2,000!)

Advanced Training of Junior Cruisers: The Next Generation of STEM Experts

In addition to the complimentary classes, junior cruisers may also opt for advanced classes to ramp up their STEM skills, examples include stargazing at sea – where kids will put their scientific and technological knowledge into practice, as well as the “Lego Class - Top Launchers” session, where students learn about the principles of gearing and assemble their very own launchers with Lego blocks.

A Global Village of Junior Cruisers

In line with SuperStar Virgo’s Golden Sea Route itinerary, which will have triple homeports in Shanghai, Tokyo and Osaka, the Junior Cruisers Program will be conducted in three languages this year – Chinese, English and Japanese- uniting young travellers of different nationalities for an enriched experience at sea.

Be Part of the Junior Cruisers Graduation, Collect Stamps to Receive Special Reward

All Junior Cruisers will receive a keepsake passport – not only will it serve the purpose of collecting stamps, which will be given upon completion of classes, it will also be the admission ticket to the Junior Cruisers Graduation Ceremony, where graduates receive the official graduation certificate signed by the Captain of SuperStar Virgo. Upon collection of six stamps (three of which upon completion of advanced classes), the passport holder will be entitled to a special reward.

Golden Sea Route on SuperStar Virgo: the Top-of-Mind Cruising Choice

With a gross tonnage of 75,338grt, the 13-storey SuperStar Virgo is Star Cruises’ flagship, featuring state-of-the-art German craftsmanship and providing an all-encompassing cruise experience with deluxe accommodations and a wide variety of entertainment, shopping and dining options, as well as gourmet cuisine prepared by Michelin-starred Hong Kong restaurants. Over 1,300 professional staff on board promise to deliver exceptional service infused with a touch of Star Cruises’ acclaimed Asian hospitality.

Please contact our travel agency offices, Star Cruises representative office, or visit Star Cruises official website at for more information.

Itinerary of SuperStar Virgo Shanghai Deployment – 6 July to 30 November 2017




Exciting Tokyo combines the modern with the traditional in Japan. From ancient shrines and street festivals to 24-hr superstores and a thriving pop culture scene, the city offers endless choices of shopping, entertainment, culture and dining for visitors around the clock.



Yokohoma is a modern city of distinctive charm and multicultural flair, featuring the Landmark Tower, the second tallest building in Japan, as well as the world-famous Kirin Beer Factory.

Mount Fuji 

Mount Fuji_副本_副本.jpg

Majestic Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and a cultural Site on UNESCO's World Heritage List. The mountain embodies the Japanese essence of perpetual and timeless beauty, and has been worshipped as a sacred mountain for centuries. 



The second largest city in Japan, Osaka is an important business centre famous for the Osaka Castle, one of the largest and most beautiful in Japan, and for its many shrines and shopping at the Tenjinbashi-Suji arcade. Families can take in Universal Studios or the acclaimed Osaka Aquarium.



With a scenic harbour dominated by Sakurajima, an active volcano in Kagoshima Bay, passengers can delight in sampling the over 2,000 hot springs in the area and the city’s distinct, rich food culture.



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