Greater Bay fitness-leisure scope adds sky adventure

Zhuhai Airshow Center, Aviation Industrial Park, and Zhuhai General Airport in Doumen District will be relied upon to help build China's first aviation flight experience town. Implementation opinions were recently released by the General Office of the People's Government of Guangdong.

Priority is to be placed on construction of a "One Sea, One Network, One Circle" fitness and leisure industry system.

"One Sea" refers to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay world-level coastal fitness and leisure coastal resources. Inshore, offshore, and universal water sports will be fostered and a water fitness-leisure zone will arise for South China and Southeast Asia.


Aircraft of several nations fly by [File Photo]

"One Network" means an outdoor mountainside fitness and leisure network based on the Guangdong Greenway and South Guangdong Ancient Post roads. It will feature the outdoor camp, motorist campground, and other fitness and leisure facilities with enhanced service functions.

"One Circle" refers to a 200-km aviation, sports, and flight circle relying on Zhuhai Air Show Center and other resources. Mass consumption-based aviation and sports events and activities will be organized.

Also envisioned is a rationally distributed, strikingly characterized, fully functional, and energetic fitness and leisure industry by 2025. The scale and innovation are to lead the country and boost Guangdong's economic transformation and upgrade. The gross output value of the fitness and leisure industry should reach 500 billion yuan ($73.6 billion) by then.




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