To Be Not To Be: Xu Weibo’s Inkarts exhibited in Guangzhou

To Be Not To Be: Xu Weibo’s Inkarts exhibited in Guangzhou
To Be Not To Be: Xu Weibo’s Inkarts exhibited in Guangzhou
To Be Not To Be: Xu Weibo’s Inkarts exhibited in Guangzhou
To Be Not To Be: Xu Weibo’s Inkarts exhibited in Guangzhou

Academic Advisor: Pi Daojian

Curator: Ion Yen

Producer: Sun Hongfan

Assistant: Han Liang

Public Relation: Zeng Huijie / Xu Jiali

Internship:Wan Lan / Zheng Dongyi / Pan Sufang / Li Xiaozhi

Visual Design: THE QIANG DIAO

Organizer: Shang Rong Gallery

Opening: June 10, 2017,3:00 p.m.

Duration: June 11~July 28,2017 

Venue: Shang Rong Gallery, No.10 Datianjinan, Chengjiexi Village, Tianhe District, Guangzhou (广州市天河区程介西大田基南10号尚榕美术馆)


The exhibition “To Be Not To Be: Xu Weibo’s Inkarts”, hosted by the Shang Rong Gallery, will open at 3 p.m. on June 10, 2017 in Guangzhou. The academic advisor is the eminent art critic Pi Daojian, and the curator is Ion Yen, a young prominent scholar. It is the first solo exhibition of the artist Xu Weibo. The exhibits include some traditional ink paintings which address contemporary issues, and some installations and even a performance, which forms show a distinct contemporary atmosphere. On the opening day, there will be an ink art performance To Be Not To Be given by the curator Ion Yen and the artist Xu Weibo together. 

As a young artist living and working in Guangzhou, Xu has drawn attention from some collectors, especially for his mild and witty animal ink paintings in recent years. His works used to refine, transform and reconstruct elements of traditional ink painting, so as to address issues in contemporary culture and reflect the present state of human existence. 

The curator Ion Yen remarks that Xu attempts to seek new possibilities of being out of traditional art and entering the contemporary, his creations could be categorized as inkart, a new art category defined by Yen himself and Pi Daojian in “Being And Inking: Documenting Contemporary Inkart”, the international contemporary art exhibition organized in 2016, and actually Xu and his inkarts have enter a situation that requires unceasing trial-and-error and reorienting. 

许伟波《斑马斑马》Zebra,Zebra ,50×50cm ,纸本设色,Ink and colour on paper,2016.jpg

Zebra,Zebra ,50×50cm / Ink and colour on paper,2016

The theme of this exhibition alludes to the famous Hamlet’s question: “To be or not to be, that’s a question”. It discloses humorously and intelligently that since Xu’s tactic is to get out of the state of “making entry into ink paintings” , his way to be is to be not to be.

As a young art institution, since its establishment, Shang Rong Gallery keeps paying close attention to ink arts, and engaging in promoting traditional art as well as its transformation in contemporary human culture. The exhibition is the first solo exhibition hosted for a young artists by Shang Rong Gallery. It will last until July 28. During the exhibition, Shang Rong will invite some famous critics and scholars to discuss relevant art issues in an academic dialogues. To be or not to be?We’ll see.

许伟波丨Xu Weibo.jpg

Xu Weibo

Xu Weibo, born in 1987 in Shantou City, Guangdong Province, graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art in China in 2011, BA.

Now as a member of the Guangdong Artists Association, painter of Guangdong Youth Painting Academy in Guangdong Institute.

许伟波《天国之渡》The Crossing Toward Heaven ,35×233cm 许伟波 纸本水墨 2016年.jpg

The Crossing Toward Heaven / 35×233cm  2016 


2017 Solo Exhibition “To Be Not To Be:Xu Weibo’s Ink Arts”(Shangrong Gallery)

2017   “Noon” Elected in Centurial Exhibition Of Guangdong Fine Arts(National Art Museum of China)

2016  “Anyway, I Was There, I Do Not Go Anywhere” in Annual Art Exhibition Of Guangdong Art Institute (Guangdong Museum of Art)

2016  “Meeting People” in The 4th Guangdong Youth Painting Academy Works Exhibition (Art Museum of Guangdong Art Academy)

2016  “Meeting People” in Guangdong Youth Painting Academy Works Exhibition In Taishan(NC Art Studio)

2015  “Countryside Traces: Summer Day” in Annual Art Exhibition Of Guangdong Art Institure(Guyuan Museum of Art)

2015  “Walk Back In Spring Outing” in Tour Exhibition Of Guangdong Art Institure In Macao 


许伟波《在这里有这里的游戏规则》What Are the Rules of Game,纸本设色 35×233cm 许伟波 2016年.jpg

What Are the Rules of Game / 35×233cm / 2016

Collection Record

2014  “Morning Breeze”collected by Guangdong Federation Of Literary And Art Circles 

2013  “Morning Breeze”collected by The People's Government of Tangxia Town of Dongguan City

2011  “Ink Painting Characters ”collected by The People's Government of Tangxia Towm of Dongguan City

2011  “Red Mansions: Dream” collected by  Art Museum of GAFA 



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