HK-PRD EcoCinema Festival shows free films


A poster for “Toxic Bees: Nature’s Mayday.”

HK-PRD EcoCinema Festival is launching a six-month screening project, showing environmentally themed films each month, at Luohu Social Innovation Space. This Sunday, the event’s theme is “Greatness in the Minute” and two documentaries “Toxic Bees: Nature’s Mayday” and “The Bee Keepers” will be shown. Both have English subtitles.

“Toxic Bees: Nature’s Mayday” is a winner of the Banff World Media Festival. This international co-production is a science documentary that begins with the mass death of bees in recent years and tracks and analyzes Taiwan’s world-leading research on bees. By examining the latest research of scholars around the world, “Toxic Bees: Nature’s Mayday” explores the serious impact of pesticides on both environment and human health.

“The Bee Keepers” tells a story about inheriting the traditional manual skills of beekeeping between the bee farm owner Yep and his son Hugo in Hong Kong. By recording their daily activities and monologues, the documentary raises awareness about the urgent existing situation of disappearing traditional trades and reflects upon the attitudes of new generations dealing with the traditions handed down by previous generations.

Wang Siyu, the director of “The Bee Keepers” will participate in a post-screening talk to discuss nature conservation.

Time: 3-6 p.m., May 21

Sign up WeChat: ecocinema

Venue: Luohu Social Innovation Space, 4/F, podium building of Wenfu Building, Wenhua Garden, 34 Beidou Road, Luohu District (罗湖区北斗路34号文华花园文富楼裙楼四楼罗湖社会创新空间)

Metro: Line 2 or 5, Huangbeiling Station (黄贝岭站), Exit G2

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