Museum of steel structures opens in Shenzhen

After three years of construction, China’s first steel-structure museum — displaying the development of steel structures in architecture and bridges — opens to the public for a trial operation today, the Shenzhen Evening News reported.

The museum, built by China Construction Metal Structure Association (CCMSA) and China Construction Steel Structure Corp. Ltd. (CSCEC Steel), is located in the Houhai area of Nanshan District, adjacent to the headquarters of CSCEC Steel.

Covering an exhibition area of 1,538 square meters, the museum aims to display the history and development of the applications of steel structure throughout the world with presentations using real objects, models, photos, texts and some multimedia methods. According to the report, the museum functions as a public venue for collection, exhibition, research, education and exchange of knowledge about steel structures as well as projects.

It was explained that there are five exhibiting halls inside the museum to display the various stages of the steel structure industry, from achievements made in early years to future concepts. The design of the museum is similar to that of the Louvre Museum in Paris with a sunken square at the basement level and the entries located at the second basement level.

The museum is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Reservations are required one day in advance. Visitors can call reception to make an appointment. ID card verification is required before entry. (Zhang Qian)




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