Planning on Protecting Arcades Blocks to be released soon

As an important cultural symbol, arcades building are familiar to many Cantonese and often win praise from foreigners for their sensible style and functionality. 

City officials are working on a planning to protect historic and culturally significant arcades blocks. They will focus on coordinating the contradiction between historical protection and the contemporary needs of a modern transportation system, while assuring the protection of such important city cultural icons as arcades, according to Guangzhou Daily report. 

Offering attractive city landscape along Guangzhou's older streets, arcades originally were intended to shield residents and visitors from severe typhoon attacks and to reduce the wind load on buildings. Whenever pedestrians were confronted by tropical downpours or the scorching sun, they could scurry under building arcades to escape the mercurial wrath of the weather. 

The styles of arcades in Guangzhou are varied, and each architectural feature has its own characteristics.

1. Pseudo Gothic style arcade 

The Representative work: Aiqun Hotel Guangzhou 

Pseudo Gothic style arcade.jpg

2. Nan Yang style arcade 

Representative works: The arcades in No.186, Wenming Lu 

Nan Yang style arcade.png

3. Roman volume gallery arcade 

The Representative work: New China Hotel 

Roman volume gallery arcade.jpg

4. Pseudo Baroque arcade 

Representative works: The arcades in No.114, Wanfu Lu 

Pseudo Baroque arcade.png

5. Chinese traditional arcade 

Representative works: The arcades in No.139, Dezhengnan Lu 

Chinese traditional arcade.jpg

(By Joanna You, Louis Berney)




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